Goin' Fishin'

Well, I'm off to Tennessee tomorrow. My landlord made us get rid of the dog and we didn't have the heart to put Mya back in the pound so I sent her to my father. I'm going there to make sure my nephews take care of the dog properly. So this will be my last post of the week. That being the case, I'll just do a nice buffet of topics for y'all to chew on.

Rightie Nutcases

Cynthia McKinney is such an easy target. I'm not sure when she got off of her meds but she could use a dose... or maybe just a dose of reality. But she is not the only wacko in the world. On the right we have the idiocy of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Let's start with Ann Coulter and her voter fraud scandal.

On Feb. 7, Coulter tried to cast her ballot at the precinct closest to her homesteaded Seabreeze home. But because elections records showed she was registered at the Indian Road home of her Realtor, 4 miles north, she was asked to file a change of address. According to pollworker Jim Whited, she dashed out without the form. Records show she did vote at the Indian Road precinct, and that could be a felony.

I'm sure she'll make it seem like an innocent mistake but we all know what the hell is going on here. That crank is out of her mind. Considering that this happened in Florida, I'm actually surprised the caught it. Good job. Maybe things are looking up for 2008.

On to Rush Limbaugh. I'm sure many of you are aware of the Duke University Lacrosse team rape allegation. This is what Rush said:

CALLER 1: Yeah.
LIMBAUGH: -- uh, supposedly, you know, raped, some, uh, hos.
CALLER 1: But I don't think they're very happy about all of this.

Now what possessed Rush Limbaugh to call this woman a ho. I have a theory. It is either because they wer exotic dancers or the fact that the woman making the allegation is black. I'm going with option number 2. If this was some Demi Moore type chick from the Kit Kat Klub, I don't think the word ho would have come from Rush's mouth.

A caller did check him on it and he apologized.

CALLER 2: Well, I don't know if that's gonna work. The apology would be good.
LIMBAUGH: I just -- how -- you want me to apologize again? I'm sorry.
CALLER 2: Oh, no, I'm saying -- the apology was good.
LIMBAUGH: I regret that you heard me say it.

Not that he regrets saying it. He just regret someone heard what he actually thought. Racist bastard.



Is this one of the best seasons of 24 or what? Jack is back to killing and even Wayne Palmer got in on the act. It took him a few seconds to pull the trigger but now that he's gotten his first kill, we can look forward to him participating in the blood bath. All for the revenge of his brother of course. Considering these a-holes killed President Palmer, I can accept the slaughter of another 40 terrorist scumbag.

And the idea of the President orchastrating a terrorist plot on US soil and Homeland Security in on it. My goodness - the twist and turns are amazing.


It's Florida Baby!!!

Florida dismantled the Bruins last night. I really thought UCLA would be a problem for the Gators but the big men simply took it to the Bruins. They had no answer for Noah and Green held it down like a point guard should. I didn't think the margin of victory would be so large but it was a good game to watch. Don't worry Bruins, you guys will make a run for it next year.

It was a very good tournement and my picks went to hell after the first weekend. Now we can concentrate on the Chicago White Sox.

Only five months remaining before the start of the NFL.


Well, that's all folks. I talked with my father and he already has a couple of boxes of nightcrawlers, some wax worm, a pint of Canadian Midst and 12 Budweisers. I say we are set to catch a few Blue Gills and Bass.


4 Responses to Goin' Fishin'

  1. Johnnie Says:
    Raymond, happy trails, but...

    ...You call that a good game?! Even when I have a horse in the race--which I did not since GMU lost--I would not have wanted the NCAA hoops season to end in such a blow-out. That was the most boring game of the '06 tourney.

    GET 'EM, WAYNE!!!!! I wonder, though, which brother--Curtis or Wayne--will die first? Yeah, I figured it was a bit too obvious for the inside guy to be the VP. It's good that most of the time the actors on this show don't know what's going to happen too far in advance. Dude who plays the prez was probably knocked for a loop when he found out that HE was behind everything after all.

    First Bush caption: "But it was just a little white lie, right?! Never mind that we went to war behind it, okay?
  2. Diane S. Says:
    I'm so sorry about Mya. I hope Stella is taking this okay.

    Why isn't there a media frenzy about Ann Coulter's voter shenanigans? Oh! Because the media is controlled by the same people who employ Ann Coulter.

    Rush Limbaugh is a racist. Brocolli is a vegetable. There are people who have problems with these concepts?

    Is there a "24 for Dummies"? Some sort of guide for those of us who were late getting on this bus, and can't figure out what really is going on?

    Sounds like you and your dad have some good days ahead. Enjoy.
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