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After a year of blogging, I’ve finally been tagged. Well, I will try to do this tag justice so here goes. Shot out to Miss Lady Ma'am

10 Simple Pleasures in Life

1.Bear Football
2. Watching 24
3. Banana Pudding
4. Camp fires at the beach
5. Walking
6. A Saturday afternoon with 70’s music blasting
8. Fishing
9. A really good movie
10. A six-piece with mild sauce

Bye-Bye Puffy McMoon-Face

Scott McClellan is leaving his post as the Press Secretary. I’m glad to see him go. I don’t think he was very good. Ari Fleischer was much better at the job. Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on McClellan. It can’t be an easy job and I’m not sure how I would do as Press Secretary for George Bush…

Hmmm – I think that might be a pretty good post.


There are a lot of interesting moves happening in the NFL. Let’s look at the coaching changes. Dick Jauron is now the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. I think it might be a good move for them. Dick didn’t fit in Chicago but that was mainly because he believed in an offensive scheme that didn’t fit the talent.

I do like the idea of Herman Edwards going to Kansas City. If the Chiefs can get anyone to play defense, they might just turn into a good team.

What do y’all think of TO going to Dallas? I think he’ll have a meltdown in his third year there but that may give them enough to build the team to the point where they are making a run for the playoffs.

I’m not sure what San Diego was thinking by letting Drew Breese go. As for the Saints, it’s a good pickup. I am a fan of Aaron Brooks but he is just too inconsistent. Look for the Saints to do some things next season. They just got a back break last year.

Finally, look for the Bears to make a run for the Super Bowl. Yes, I am dipping in the Kool-Aid much earlier this year. At this rate, by the end of June I’ll have my beloved Bears in the Super Bowl.


Is 24 the greatest show ever created?


10 Responses to Blogging Buffet: Tagged, Bush, NFL, 24

  1. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    I've never watched a single episode of "24", but liberals in particular seem to love it so much--wonder what the fascination (or deeply embedded anti-Bush theme) is for you libs?

    Also, if any coach can handle T.O. it's Bill Parcells, who is a winner, doesnt put up with BS and even dealt with Lawrence Taylor while he was messing with cocaine before games. I actually think its gonna' be a quiet year for T.O., but still a very good one stats-wise.
  2. James Manning Says:

    24 is the best show running since it came out. it's the twist and turns & jack kicking butt that makes me love it so much. i'm not sure about a anti-bush theme.

    As for T.O., it's a good place for him. I think he'll be worthy of a fantasy pick, but behind some other folks. I'll see what happens in the draft.
  3. Roderick Says:
    I have to disagree about T.O. The third year, I don't think T.O. will have had a meltdown by his third game.

    I swear Jerry Jones must have GD Alzheimer's.

    Somebody needs to buy the Cowboys before it's too late.

    First Jones runs Jerry Johnson away, then it took his ass forever to find a decent coach and now he digresses by hiring Mr So Full of Himself.

    The Cowboys have been my heart since I was a kid and look at them now. Damn, damn, damn!!!
  4. Timmer Says:
    Ghost...actually, conservatives tend more to really like '24'...(1) Joel Surnow, the creator, is a confessed conservative, (2) the show has had vocal support from the current administration (especially members who have nearly sanctioned the show by arranging to visit the set), and (3) go to the 'Fan Map' on Fox's official '24' website...mostly red states!. Conservatives also like the show because the actions of torture to get information from suspects are never questioned...they just happen as acceptable means to an end. Although the show itself does its best, I think, to avoid political details and opinions. Ultimately, though, any rational person would probably argue that bickering over who likes it more is a symptom of us reading whatever we want into it...but bickering is just more fun!

    And no, '24' is not the best show ever...I'd have to vote for 'The Sopranos'. If I would have to vote outside of premium networks, I'd go with 'House'. Though I don't regularly watch '24', I do admit that it is very well written, acted, and directed.

    As far as Football goes: I'm a Lions fan, which tells you how much I pay attention to it.
  5. Rell Says:
    without a doubt it's the best show ever.

    Mr. Grey Ghost,

    I've heard the exact opposite that conservatives love it and liberals hate it because of all the torture to arabs.
  6. Diane S. Says:
    I've asked this before, but is there a "24 For Dummies" or something for those of us who would like to watch, but are late to the game? I've heard such high praise of this game, but my attempts to watch it have left me baffled. It's like an inside joke I just don't *get*.
  7. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    Timmer 7 James

    Actually, there are a couple of liberals at my job who just love "24", they talk about it all the time and they're always recommending that I watch it. But somehow their love for it just turns off my curiousity to see it. Yet, now that you're saying that conservatives seem to like it (and I just LOVE torture!) so much, maybe I'll sit down to watch it sometime soon.

    And yeah, "The Sopranos" is by far the best thing going in TV land, but its amazing how many people are criticizing this current season, which I feel is its best in a while. Guess there just arent enough deaths yet for some folks.

    BTW, I'm really hoping my Jets can somehow get Leinart in the draft so we can get rid of Chad Pennington and his sad excuse for a throwing arm.
  8. James Manning Says:
    I had Chad last year on my fantasy team. the guy is a big flop. But what's up with the QB position in San Diego? Is anyone expecting Philip Rivers to do anything. It seems like a bad move to me. But then again, it would have been good to sit Brees down and start Rivers without it becoming a distraction.
  9. Timmer Says:
    Yeah Ghost...I always find it amazing that certain people criticize 'The Sopranos' so badly. The worst part about it all is people often criticize things about the show that are obviously satirical. But it is a show that needs to be watched from beginning to end...
  10. Johnnie Says:
    Anyone who thinks any other show has ever been more enthralling than "The Jack Bauer Power Hour" deserves to be shot in the thigh...missing the femoral artery, of course. Diane, you can pretty much get a (humorous) recap of the show in reverse chronological order on
    Dave Barry's blog.