Friday's Top Ten: Black TV Dads

Considering we are still on our men talk. How about one with pops on tv. These are my favorites.

Cliff Huxtable

#1 Dr. Cliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show): Cliff was cool, smart, ornery and loved his family I think that describes me to a tee. What I enjoyed most about this character is that he was serious about his family and their wellbeing but he didn't take himself too seriously. There is something to be said about having the ability to make your children laugh or laugh at you. That's me. I'm a nut at times and I am certainly out of step with the rest of my family when it comes to my musical taste.

James Evans Sr.

#2 James Evans Sr. (Good Times): The disciplinarian, the hustler, the hard worker, the strong. That is James Evan Sr. His character was strait laced and morally grounded. He kept his kids in check and was always firm - at times too firm. If I could get James’ look when he was at the end of his rope – that would probably make child rearing go a lot easier.

#3 Bernie Mac (The Bernie Mac Show): Bernie Mac is a man after my own heart. He is old school, loud, mean but with a good heart. There is nothing wrong with striking a little fear in the kiddies - I just wish I had Bernie Mac eyes. That would go a long way in helping me out when my little girl starts dating. Then again, I could always get a shotgun.

#4 Carl Winslow (Family Matters): He is probably the closest thing to the dads I saw growing up. Working class man that was strict, loving and could be softened up when approached the right way. Carl was cool and approachable - which I am. And Carl was silly at times - which I am as well. I won't hold it against him that he was a Chicago police officer.

#5 Floyd Henderson (Smart Guy): A single father with a cute teenage daughter, a teenage son that is always pulling teenage antics and a 10 year genius - that's not a bad thing to have to deal with. Floyd was a tough character and he was always real with his kids. The part of me that I saw was his willingness to listen and allow his children to learn lessons from their own decisions - but he was always willing to pull the belt. That's cool.

#6 Lester Jenkins (227): Another strong, bullheaded personality. Maybe the reason I admire these types of fathers is because I grew up in a family full of bullheaded boys, a strong grandmother and men that didn't take crap off of their kids. Lester reminds me of one of my uncles. Big, loud with a very rough exterior but the guy made the best homemade ice cream outside of my grandmother and was always down for a drive to the lakefront.

George Jefferson

#7 George Jefferson (The Jeffersons): There is nothing George Jefferson about me. That doesn't stop me from putting him on the list. The guy was too cool for his own good - as I could be at times. But George had what most of these men had, passion for his family. And his ran higher than most.

#8 Phillip Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air): The only thing I want of Phil's is his money. He was a blow-hard as well. It's funny how most black fathers are loud and a tad bit on the mean side. But the truth be told, most of the black men I knew growing up could get loud and were tad bit on the mean side. Phil kept his kids grounded and in line - except for Hillary but I can excuse that because she was fine.

#9 Robert Peterson (The Parent Hood): Robert was corny and a little to soft for my blood. But he kept it real at times and I can me being a little soft with the kiddies at times. The only thing we have in common is that our partners are smart and too fine for their own damn good - but that aint a bad thing to have.

Fred G. Sanford

#10 Fred G. Sanford (Sanford & Son): I suspect I may turn into Fred Sanford when I hit my 60's. Fred was funny, cool, mean and would snap in a second. I don't exhibit any of his character traits yet, but I wouldn't mind having his grumpy demeanor and quick wits. Not having a sister-in-law like Ester may diminish that possibility.


13 Responses to Friday's Top Ten: Black TV Dads

  1. Jaimie Says:
    If I could choose my own dad it would have been a mix between Bill Cosby and Bernie Mac.

    That was easy.
  2. C'mon Guy Says:
    How you gonna have Fred G. Sanford at the bottom of the list, "Dummy!!"

    Good list though.
  3. Malik Says:
    James Evans is my hero. I might not be as free with the belt, but I'm definitely aiming to command the same respect.
  4. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I loooved Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable. He was awesome. Probably a little too good to be true but good.

    I also like the Good Times' Dad and the Fresh Prince' Dad too. George Jefferson was just entertaining.
  5. That Girl Tam Says:
    I think my dad was most like Bernie Mac...loud and obnoxious as all hell. My husband is a little Cliff and a little Bernie. I wish he'd get a little James Evans in him too!!
  6. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    To Jay,

    Man! Why did you torment me like this HUH! Because it is hard to choose from because all of these DADS have qualities that can be used. So I say I would like a combination of all of them.

    GOOD post you are very entertaining.

    By Chance
  7. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    Great list, tried to but I couldnt think of anyone you might've forgotten about. Personally my favorite was James Evans Sr....he was tough, but fair and wasnt at all hesistant about getting in that ass when it needed getting in to. "Good Times" really went downhill quick after he left the show.
  8. Johnnie Says:
    May 31? I just lost two months by visiting this Web site!

    I try to be a Bible-centric version of Cosby.
  9. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I remember this post from before. An oldie but goodie :-).

    By the way I guess I have you to thank for having my highest comment post ever :-)))).
  10. Rell Says:
    I'mma go with Bill Cosby and Uncle Phil.

    They were both rich!
  11. TheOneandOnlyInsanely Says:
    I love Bill, Bernie, and James.
    I say my "fathering" skills come from Bill, I am silly while I am disciplining my son.

    Sometimes he finds it funny, sometimes the joke go over his head, but when he's older, he'll get my jokes and he won't know what to do, laugh or be serious...

    But the best parents are your friends as should fear your parents but also, not be afraid to talk with your parent(s).
  12. Avery Says:
    if anything, i see james and cliff in a tie. JE Sr arguably did as good a job with less to work with.

    but thelma puts him over the top. waaaayyyy over the top.
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