The Friday Send Off

Wow, an entire week without discussing politics. Amazing. Well, it's going to be a nice weekend in Southern Cal and Duke is out of the NCAA tournement. I can't ask for a better weekend. Ok folks, I'm off to enjoy my weekend starting with a lunch outing with my co-workers and then we're going to check out "Inside Man". Y'all have a good one.

I'll leave y'all with one questions.

1. What did you learn this week?


5 Responses to The Friday Send Off

  1. Peace Says:
    I learned that Ceasar salad was invented in Tijuana by Caesar Cardini, a famous restaurateur in Mexico in 1924. I had a good lunch at Olvera Street today! :)
  2. nikki Says:
    i learned that i have alot of friggin issues i gotta deal with before i can be happy.
  3. Johnnie Says:
    I learned that it's true: Everybody HATES Duke! But for the life of me I can't understand why. I like 'em 'cause my boy Johnny Dawkins coaches there, first and foremost. But there are soooo many other reasons to like Duke. It's probably the squeaky-cleanest big time program in America (until proven guilty); they GRADUATE their players; GRANT HILL PLAYED THERE, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD; Coach K. is probably the most gracious coach--in both winning and losing--you may ever come across; and if you knew the real J.J. Redick story you'd fall in love with the kid. I just don't get the Duke hatin'. The NCAAs are always better with Duke in 'em.

    I also learned today that another of my frat brothers has lost his mind.

    And I learned a lot more about how Bush scared America into re-electing him.
  4. Sharon Says:
    That I love school and I love learning...started my Masters program Thursday night and am loving it!!!
  5. Anonymous Says:
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