Your Bowl Season Recap

People will dog USC for playing a crappy game and making some bonehead decisions. They will bestow the title of G.O.A.T. onto Vince Young for his remarkable performance. But while all of you debate the merits of those topics, I'll just remind you that it's all about Big Ten football.

Anyway, the USC vs. Texas game lived up to the hype and in the end it came down to two prolific offenses and some bad play selections. It was in the third quarter when I knew USC was in trouble. SC started the second half with a nice scoring drive only to have Texas respond with a scoring drive of their own. But it was the fact that they scored it was how they scored that set the tone for the game. SC's defense was flat-footed and Vince Young ran and passed on them as though they weren't even on the field.

All I can say is congratulations to Vince Young and Texas and I expect to see the kid in the NFL doing the damn thang very soon.

I won't comment on all of the games. Heck, I'm not even going to trouble myself with providing scores for some of them. There are just too many bowl games and most of them are worthless. Besides, if you cared, you already know what happened.

Color Code System:

1/4: Rose Bowl - No. 1 USC (38) vs. No. 2 Texas (41)
All that needed to be said has been said.

1/3: Orange Bowl - No. 3 Penn State (26) vs. No. 22 Florida State (23)
Penn State is my favorite college team and it is nice to see that they are back. They were sucking soup for a while but they should compete for a national title next year.

1/2: Sugar Bowl - No. 8 Georgia (35) vs. No. 11 West Virginia (38)

The one BCS Bowl game that I had no interested in seeing. I watched it anyway and WV really took it to the Bulldogs. Byt the time Georgia figured anything out, WV was working with a 21 point lead. Overall, it was a good game.

1/2: Fiesta Bowl - No. 4 Ohio State (34) vs. No. 5 Notre Dame (20)
Lord knows I hate Notre Dame football. So it was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to see Troy Smith take it to Notre Dame's defense. Charlie Weis, you'll learn soon that you can't genius your way to win. Brady Quinn is a great QB, but so is Troy Smith. I think a lot of folks forgot that.

1/2: Capital One Bowl No. 7 Auburn (10) vs. No. 21 Wisconsin (24)
Another Big Ten win. Wisonsin didn't take advantage of some early turnovers but once they got their legs under them, it was over for Auburn. Ya gotta love the Big Ten.

12/30: Peach Bowl No. 9 Miami (3) vs. No. 10 LSU (40)
Why did they even bother showing up for this one? LSU simply smashed them What more can I say? Miami should be ashamed of themselves.


18 Responses to Your Bowl Season Recap

  1. Jaimie Says:
    I have no idea why any of this is important.

    The other day in the dentist's office I was reading Ebony and there was an review of the book by Holly Robinson Peete titled "Get Your Own Beer! I'm Watching Football!" It's a woman's guide to football.

    Should I get it?
  2. James Manning Says:
    Maybe I'll create a code guide to football for you. Until then, maybe you could pick it up. By the way, the games in blue are the ones I plan on watching LOL... so you can also use it as a guide to when you can schedule an outing with friends.
  3. nikki Says:
    i work at ga tech, so everyone around here will be hyped for the game (i won't be...)

    i have one guide when it comes to choosing the bowl games to watch: if the bowl game is on before 12/31, it's probably crap.

    now i remember back in the day when ALL of the major bowl games took place on jan 1. i miss those days. this spreading out b.s. just pisses me off.
  4. Rell Says:
    I'm with Nikki, pisses me off as well.

    The BCS did an incredible job this year -- even with West Virginia.

    But I think outside of the Fiesta and Rose Bowl's the Peace Bowl just got gravy.

    Two teams with a combined 19-4 record in ATL on New Years -- Miami and LSU, the hurricane bowl?

    That's going to be awesome. Peach Bowl is a quality event and should really move up in stature. We went back in 2001, filled the place and loved it. We being UNC-Ch.

    Side note, I hope Bank of America stadium blows up while NCSU-USF (how bad is that) play.
  5. james manning Says:
    Nikki, I hate to poo poo your school but I can't see any reason to watch that game. Most of these games are a waste. I'm a Big 10 fan so I'll watch some of those teams but when Memphis and Akron are in Bowl games, then we've gone to far.
  6. NewYorkMoments Says:
    Go Wisconsin!!!
  7. stuffle Says:
    Crap. I never really realized how many bowls there actually are these days... This is just nuts... I remeber when I was a kid, and there were like 5 bowls (at least, only 5 on TV), and it was something worth tuning in to. This, OTOH, is just over-saturation...

    Ok, someone please explain to me what the hell is a Poinsettia.


    It is the Christmas flower, seen in churches and grocery stores all over the country this time of year. Look at nikki's site. I think her mom's forlorn tree angel is in front of one...
  8. nikki Says:
    james - you're not poo-pooing my school cuz i only work here! that game is gonna suck, but everyone around here is acting like ga tech made it to the rose bowl.

    oh well, school spirit and all that.
  9. james manning Says:

    I know about the flower, but is there a company sponsoring this - where is the game being played - how long has it been around? I've never even heard of that bowl game.
  10. stuffle Says:
    Oh, good. I was thinkin' "how could someone make it this far in life without knowing what a poinsettia is..." Then again, I've made it to 37 without knowing some things that turn out to be blindingly obvious to others (my daughter is good at pointing that out...)

    FWIW, I haven't heard of half of these bowls. The list seems to get longer every year. Pretty soon, there will be a bowl for everyone, just so no one feels left out...
  11. nikki Says:
    now that i've checked the list again, there are two games on prior to 12/31 i'm gonna check out...the holiday and alamo bowls.

    oregon got screwed, though. i'm sorry, but fsu doesn't deserve to be playing in january.
  12. Rell Says:

    watching Calvin Johnson catch everything that is thrown in the air is worth watching Ga. Tech.

    He is one of the best college receivers I've seen since Keyshawn (and yes you know Keyshawn was that good in college.)

    Jaimie, another reason I've always been in love with Holly Robinson Peete. She is great...
  13. Rell Says:
    Big 10 doesn't run football. Though, if Vince comes back, I'm stating it here and now Ohio State vs Texas in the BCS National Championship game.

    Troy Smith did this year in the Fiesta Bowl what Vince did last year in the Rose Bowl.

    Penn State loses a little too much for my tastes to be considered for the title next year.

    ACC didn't fair that bad either (I'm an ACC guy) we went 5-4, but came within a field goal kicker for FSU of going 6-3.
  14. Jaimie Says:
    All I know is that my mom is probably highly ecstatic somewhere in Phoenix right, she being a Texan and all.

    P.S. Looks like people are loving the new look. Thanks Jimmy!
  15. Dell Gines Says:
    Nebraska - Back in the top 25x
  16. James Manning Says:
    Dell, you may be right. I'll have to wait and see. It is hard to believe that Nebraska is not in the top ten. That is crazy.
  17. Drew Says:
    I don't think Ohio State and Texas will meet in the National Championship. We go down to Austin for a pre-conference game, hopefully to return a favor or two. In any case, that matchup will cancel out one of the teams as far as going the distance. I'm hoping Vince decides to declare and forego his senior year. That would obviously make it a little easier on the Buckeyes! Also, the Bucks have Troy Smith and a handful of blessed receivers like Ginn next year, but the defensive unit is going to be pretty bare, especially with the entire starting linebacking corp graduating. A.J. Hawk will be sorely missed.

    Still, I will burn the candle of hope.

    Go Bucks!
  18. Tif Says:
    I knew it was a reason I liked you: Go Penn State! I did my 5 years there and they gave me a piece of paper that I basically use as a dust pan and also utilize it to create witty blog post.

    As far as USC they are idiots, all that talent you need a coach like JoePa. 4th & 1, a first down basically seals the game. You throw everyone on the line besides your fullback, who has had a great game. The defense already knows the play-- why not put Reggie Bush behind him--just to throw a linebacker off, just to make the safety take a step back. In fact the guy from texas that made the tackle said-- he went against the play and blitzed anyway. He said he didn't care he was going to take his chances and hit the hole. Now if he saw Reggie Bush standing there would his ass have been in that hole? Just dumb I tell you.