Why Can't They Just Play Ball?

I drafted Terrel Owens on my fantasy football team. Somehow the jerk got himself kicked off of the team. It ruined my chances for the playoffs and it looks as though I'm going to end the season in 5th place. That is not cool.

Now basketball season is upon us and I draft a decent team - good enough to make the playoffs. But wouldn't you know I end up with another jerk.

What the hell is wrong with Ron Artest? I know the cat is bi-polar and in need of medication, but I thought he took care of that last year. Now here he is screaming for a trade for what reason I have no idea. The Pacers will compete for the NBA championship and he's making millions of dollars. What more could you ask for? I think some of these cats need to be reminded that they are rich because the PLAY a freaken' GAME.

Folks, think how lovely your life would be if your work day consisted of going to the gym to shoot a couple of baskets. Oh yeah, you have to travel and deal with hotels, groupies, first class service and your performance judged on what takes place in 82 60-minute segments. But to compensate for such a gruelling life you're given $70,000 a week. Boy that seems so unfair.

I'm one that believe these cats deserve what they make because they operate in a unique market. But there is a serious disconnect happening when these dudes let their mouths mess with their money. Play the game and handle your business... please. And stop messing up my fantasy teams!!!


5 Responses to Why Can't They Just Play Ball?

  1. nikki Says:

    yewh, they really need to just shattup.
  2. Robert Neddo Says:
    Hmmmmmm, interesting. So, you're drawn to men with authority/attitude problems? Hmmmmm, interesting. You seem to blame them for how they affect your life. Hmmmmmmm, very interesting. Tell me about your relationship with your father...
  3. Robert Neddo Says:
    Or better yet, STAY AWAY FROM THE NUTJOBS IN YOUR FANTASY LEAGUES! It's not like you didn't know they had "issues" going into your drafts.
  4. Diane S. Says:
    Personally, I think these guys make way too much money. But given that, they should all learn a lesson or two from David Robinson, who stayed with the San Antonio Spurs through thick and through (a lot of) thin, who was always a gentlemen, and who did absolutely amazing things for the community.

    The man is a role model among role models.

    In Texas, we still have love for the Admiral!
  5. Naro% Says:
    Yo James, I feel your pain Had that fool on my team last year!!!!