I'm Losing My Passion

I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter. No one cares. At least not anyone that could actually make a difference. You see, I've been going on and on about Bush for a couple of years now and no matter how many flaws, mistakes, misstatements I reveal, those that support Bush continue to support him as though he is a god. The man can do no wrong in their eyes.

No matter how many Republicans and GOP lobbyist are indicted, the masses gloss over it with a smile and just blame it on Liberals who have no clue. It is an exhausting exercise and I've grown weary of involving myself in the process. So, I'm retiring from Bush politics for a while. The fact is that the Republicans run the House, the Senate and the White House. So those of us on the left have no means of pushing an agenda. We can only oppose their agenda or sit on the sidelines and let them have their way. I've made it a point to oppose them, but that has been an exercise in futility. So now I'm going to sit on the sidelines.

There are a lot of social issues that I could be dealing with and that is where I am going place my energies. Bush's series of speeches and the spying thing irked me, but it is the response from the Right that has made me realize that if Bush wanted to spy on every American in the country, no one on the Right would oppose him. They have no respect for our opinions and basically think that those of us on the left are stupid. So in this environment, my dialogue becomes a board for their target practice and not an opportunity for political discourse. So I am done. Bush will be gone in three years and maybe I'll get back into it before then. But in the meantime, there will be no more postings of Presidential politics on this blog.

So for those of you who love Bush - you wont' get an argument from me.


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  1. Jaimie Says:
    I don't understand it. It is as if they have blinders on or something and refuse to believe that their beloved president is a lying thief.

    We should just move to Costa Rica.
  2. Neil Says:
    I think it's pretty much human nature to back a "leader" during troubled-times for as long as possible. Even with the mess in Iraq, now one wants to really just pull out and get egg on their face. It's like when you watch the news and you see someone just committed a crime, but the family always backs up the person and says he didn't do it. It's the closing of the ranks. Frankly, you saw it also with many Democrats during Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. If it were a Republican president, it would have been a terrible thing, but here is was just a little indescretion.

    This is not to excuse Bush. H deserves his low ratngs. It's just it's not going to be any better in Costa Rica, where the public does the same thing with their President.
  3. James Manning Says:
    But Costa Rica is such a beautiful place.
  4. Robosquirrel Says:
    Partisanship rules the day, James. I'm no Bush apologist, you probably know. I try to avoid the rhetoric regarding his policies, anyhow, due to the fact that as a U.S. Navy officer, I serve at his pleasure. I haven't been doing any diligence on the story of the week because the volume's a little too high for my tastes. My gut reaction is discomfort with what is going on, but I would prefer to reserve my opinion.

    I don't like operating within an echo chamber, which is why I appreciate your opinions and the opinions of other rational folks with opposing points of view. The nature of this blogging thing seems to be that you attract a lot of attention from people who say, "I agree!" "You're right!" and not much thoughtful discourse.

    So, yeah, I'm with you. I don't like to jump on the big hyped issue of the day, most of the time it turns out to be a non-issue anyway (at least in the eyes of a media with an ever-decreasing attention span). I'm planning on doing soemthing on Bolivia and South American politics, since Mary Ann brought up the election there, which I had previously read about.

    I agree, Costa Rica is gorgeous. I got to visit a village on the west coast called Golfito a couple of years ago. They have monkeys!
  5. Anonymous Says:
    Politics make me sick. I feel so helpless as a voting American. Money and greed are the only thing that matter anymore. Invading countries, taking lives, taking what isn't ours all in the name of making pockets fat. Nothing means anything to the "leaders" of this country.
    I have removed myself from participating in political debates because honestly, what I say means nothing, it only raises my blood pressure.
    It's funny you mention Costa Rica because I have been exploring moving there. It's sad though, the thought of living so far away from family and friends just to have peace of mind.

  6. Anonymous Says:
    PS how do i get a real name?? I'm sick of being "anonymous" :)
  7. Anonymous Says:
    http://www.chappelletheory.com/ very interesting
  8. Zoozan Says:
    From this side of the pond the whole Bush thing is hard to fathom. However, much I hate Blair, the Labour government have improved the conditions for many working people in this country.

    I'm glad you're not giving up on politics altogether. I joined a left wing organisation when I was very young and was very active for many years.

    In recent years I have felt worn out by it - and I hate myself for giving in. I think I should take a leaf from your book and I should focus on something where I can still make a difference.
  9. SRH Says:
    I try really really diligently not to talk politics on my blog. Mainly since I lean to the left and work with a bunch of civil engineers who are firmly entrenched on the right. Many of the poor thinkers still believe that he is doing a great job. Politics are frustrating indeed.
  10. taylor Says:
    @anonymous: go to www.blogger.com and sign up.

    @James: *pats back*

    I remember at work I was reading an email aloud about anti-bush bumper stickers. Most of us were cracking up. The people that were planning to vote for Bush were tight lipped. Apparently we're not allowed to think/speak negative against the president.

    It just works out to be that we can only see as deep into the rabbit hole as we are willing to look. For some people the hole doesn't even exist yet. You can't just go around shoving red pills into everyones mouth. (Matrix)
  11. nikki Says:
    i feel you. i've made a point of not getting into discussions about bush. folk gonna believe what they wanna. meanwhile, all i can do is try to offset all the shit he's jacking up by putting in more volunteer hours. at the very least, he keeping a sista busy.
  12. Dell Gines Says:
    This sounds eerily like what Republicans were saying during the Clinton era.

    Polarization really sucks either way you cut it.
  13. Cynthia Says:
    I consider myself an independent. I've come to the conclusion early on that Republicans don't really care about the truth. All they care about is social issues and making sure affirmative actions for blacks are repealed. The bottom line is this – the Democrats cares about the average white person. They were the ones responsible for creating a white middle class How Aid Became Affirmative Action for Whites. For some reason, this little detail escapes Conservatives.

    Now, under the Republican leadership, everything is being systematically taken away and people appear not to be aware of what is happening. Pensions are going belly up, people are losing jobs at record numbers and yet they are not willing to see the truth. I often wondered how the Republicans were able to get so many people to vote against their own interests. But when you look at it, it boils down to religion. People are controlled by perceived rightness. As long as you pretend to be right -you can kill, maim, abuse anyone you choose.

    The gap is widening between the rich and poor. I've read that Ford will be cutting the salary of its remaining employees down from $30 to $10 per hour. This has always been the Republican legacy “take from the poor and middle class and give to the rich”.

    Since the majority of blacks never really ended up with this type of affirmative action from the Democrats, it is going to be interesting to see how this will pan out. I'm kind of glad this is happening - maybe people can then see what we have gone through trying to make it without any help from the government.
  14. Anonymous Says:

    "ID Banned from Classrooms"
  15. kerri Says:
    I'm sad to see your Presidential Comments gone, James. I rather enjoy reading them, I just don't post on them. Your posts have always interested me. I'm not happy with Bush at all.

    I am not a Democrat and more and more I don't feel as though I am a Republican either. I don't vote for my party all the time either. Though I know plenty of people who vote that way.

    Your posts are always so well thought out and very informative. It would be a disservice to not continue. You've informed me of things I was unaware of.

    So for that, I thank you.
  16. James Manning Says:
    Thank you Kerri. I may just continue to throw a couple out there because I will still follow it, I just won't comment unless it is really important. But it's nice to know that someone is getting something from them.
  17. MEP Says:
    i know what you mean james. I feel a little apaethic to everything right now too. Noone seems interested in the pursuing the truth or equal rights. Sigh.
  18. bold as love Says:
    Iam burned out on politics also- Thinking seriously about converting my blog to a art site to showcase paintings that I do- whew......I wish you would continue making comments, I don't agree with all of them but your points sent me researching this spying crap yesterday and in the process I re-thought my position- so, see you are having a impact. Besides , you are one of the few Liberals I have respect for and would hate to see you stop being you.

  19. James Manning Says:
    I appreciate that Bold. I may rethink my position. Besides, am I really going to get through a State of the Union address without commenting? I doubt it

    But there are other issue I can dig into until then. Hopefully, they will interest ya'll just as much. Besides, I won't leave politics alone... just Bush - and least for a little while.
  20. James Manning Says:
    Cynt, there is an interesting article that I am reading in Vannity Fair that speaks on the role of religion and politics and how it all meshes together to create what we have today. I'll let you know the details when I've complted it.
  21. Anonymous Says:
    James, You can't get burned out! You gotta keep fighting the good fight. Make those comments. We(I) need the humor. James, remember this and you will be able to take politics less seriously. Classical liberalism is dead, and traditional conservatism is dead. Those ideologies are so 19th century. The power structure in both parties have abandoned those ideals. And as a result of that, the progressives in both parties have turned on the people. "Corporatism" is the new way. Look that up and maybe you'll see things in a diffently.
  22. NewYorkMoments Says:
    Everyone knows it's braindamage, James! As soon as someone becomes a Republican, it causes instant braindamage.