Pigskin Challenge: Week 15

It was a blood bath last weekend. Well... at least for Rell and Nikki. I on the other hand didn't do all that bad, and that is all that matters. It is coming down to the wire. We'll have a playoff prediction post next week. Anyway, get your picks in folks. I'm taking some chances this week with picking 4 underdogs. We'll see what happens.

Update: It was a good weekend of football. The Colts loss a game. Now, on to the Bears. Lovie pulled Orton in the second half and the Bears went from a one tune band to an orchestra with Grossman at the helm. They actually had a scoring drive longer than 30 yards. I think the Bears have just made themselves the most dangerous team in the NFC behind Seattle.

Atlanta can forget the playoffs but I think Washington just might have a chance to slip in.

Houston actually won a game - I should have picked them for the upset but oh well. They won't win another one until this time next year.

I think San Diego will be the biggest surprise in the playoffs. They gave away four games in the final two minutes of the game. Their only problem is that Denver and the Colts will have home field advantage. But I'd bet money on them to make it to the AFC championship game if they don't have to go through Indy to get there.

Now on to the standings:

James: 11-4 (not bad kid)
Rell: 11-4
Dell: 11-4
Dan E: 10-5

NEW ENGLAND vs. Tampa Bay
NEW YORK (NYG) vs. Kansas City
Denver vs. BUFFALO
JACKSONVILLE vs. San Francisco
Arizona vs. HOUSTON
Seattle vs. TENNESSEE
ST. LOUIS vs. Philadelphia
MIAMI vs. New York (NYJ)
Pittsburgh vs. MINNESOTA
Carolina vs. NEW ORLEANS
Cincinnati vs. DETROIT
OAKLAND vs. Cleveland
vs. Atlanta
BALTIMORE vs. Green Bay


14 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 15

  1. Rell Says:
    Kansas City
  2. Dell Gines Says:
    NEW ENGLAND vs. Tampa Bay - Tampa
    NEW YORK (NYG) vs. Kansas City - Giants
    Denver vs. BUFFALO - Denver
    JACKSONVILLE vs. San Francisco - Jacksonville
    Arizona vs. HOUSTON - Arizona
    Seattle vs. TENNESSEE - Seattle
    INDIANAPOLIS vs. San Diego - Indy
    ST. LOUIS vs. Philadelphia - Phili
    MIAMI vs. New York (NYJ) - Miami
    Pittsburgh vs. MINNESOTA - Pitt
    Carolina vs. NEW ORLEANS - Carolina
    Cincinnati vs. DETROIT - Cinci
    OAKLAND vs. Cleveland - Cleveland
    WASHINGTON vs. Dallas - Dallas
    CHICAGO vs. Atlanta - Atlanta
    BALTIMORE vs. Green Bay - Green Bay
  3. Dan-E Says:
    Patriots over Bucs
    Chiefs over Giants
    Broncos over Bills
    Cards over Texans
    Seahawks over Titans
    Colts over Chargers
    Jaguars over 49ers
    Panthers over Saints
    Rams over Igles
    Dolphins over Jets
    Steelers over Vikings
    Raiders over Browns
    Bengals over Lions
    Cowboys over Redskins
    Bears over Falcons
    Packers over Ravens
  4. kerri Says:
    oh, my poor bucs! they looked awful yesterday! go bears! :)
  5. Rell Says:
    must... beat... nikki
  6. nikki Says:
    you'll win this week rell, but only cuz i forgot to make my picks. DANG. blame it on the pain medication.
  7. nikki Says:
    yeah, yeah, yeah...my falcons bit it and bit it good. they're out. frankly, i think they need to be out. hopefully this will force coach to reevaluate the offense and revamp that damn defense. good enough ain't good enough when it's only good enough in the regular season.

    their secondary has been their weakest link all friggin year and coach has yet to really address it. i'm not sure if it's cuz he simply doesn't have the personnel to handle it or if he thinks folk will come into their own eventually. either way, they'll have all winter to think about it.

    meanwhile, grossman looked really damn good last night. he instantly provided chicago with the deep ball threat, which loosened up the defensive line making it easier for jones to get through the seams. they've already got the receiver in mohammed, so i can see chicago making it the nfc championship cuz that defense is still pretty good (although they'll have to do better against a balanced offensive attack, ala seattle).

    oh, and i'm gonna rebound on my pick'em next week. believe dat.
  8. Rell Says:
    how are the falcons out?

    There are two playoff spots left, Dallas will probably lose to Carolina and the Vikings will probably lose to the bears.

    If the falcons can beat Tampa they have just a good shot as anyone...
  9. MEP Says:
    I was sad for the Colts, but it had to happen sometime. Better now than in the playoffs or the super bowl. :)
  10. nikki Says:
    rell, the falcons are out. i'd be shocked if they found a way to beat both carolina AND tampa.
  11. Dan-E Says:
    reg-gie! reg-gie! reg-gie! reg-gie!
  12. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    Chance: Jay (James) What'z up homey how u doing.

    Now tell me for real with no fear in your haert who do you think is going to be the champions for real over all.

    Who going to really walk away with that title of champ this year and send the other team home saying man we were close to winning.

    Talk too me Jay (james) WHO!


    By Chance
  13. James Manning Says:
    Call me a dreamer, but I think it will be the Bears against the Bengals:

    Now, let me wake up. the Bears vs. the Colts in the Super Bowl.
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