My Dream Cars

A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Mercedes Benz S600: Retail $124,000



Maybach: Retail $330,000



Maybach Exelero: Retail (No price set but it'll more than most of us can afford)




14 Responses to My Dream Cars

  1. Jaimie Says:
    Those aren't cars. Those are computers and houses that move!
  2. stuffle Says:
    The Maybach is very nice.

    That second car, though, while nice from the inside, was just butt ugly on the outside (IMHO, of course).
  3. James Manning Says:
    I think I'd get the S600 and bypass the 1100sq ft, 2 bedroom 1 bath home in the hood that goes for $400,000.

    I think that is the reason so many folks drive mercedes in Los Angeles. They can't afford the home so they just get a dream car.
  4. sonyared Says:
    Dag! all that money for cars exterior and interior....I am now speechless..LOL!
  5. taylor Says:
    Now that's what I want Santa to drop off under my tree for Christmas! Too hot... well the inside anyway. I think you're just paying for the inside.
  6. letter shredder Says:
    toys! i'm more busy checking out cars than guys. though not all cars sold there are also sold here, and vice versa. SUVs are in.

    have u seen the Honda cars? And he new hybrid cars of Toyota (Fortuner is one)?

    i asked Santa for a Ferrari. I think he has not given it yet coz he's expecting me to prepare a sock where it would fit =p
  7. Dell Gines Says:
    I want to work with the Ferrari Modano....

    Anything that can get me up over 200
  8. Rell Says:
    believe it or not I just saw one of those yesterday. I had to do a double take and almost hit the car in front of me.

    I drive a 2001 Taurus so a Benz is a bit out of my league.
  9. NewYorkMoments Says:
    Wow...I haven't driven in years. I have a license and used to drive, but living in NYC makes it unnecessary. As long as I live here & continue to not win the lottery, I will never own a car.
  10. Clint Moore Says:
    Amazing! I was completely mesmerized when I saw what’s inside this simple and elegant car. If I were to guess, I’d imagine the cars would look like the usual car interiors. Apparently, I was wrong. The interiors are way too wonderful than I expected them to be. Nice!

    Clint Moore
  11. Leisa Says:
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  12. Leisa Says:
    Shiny black cars convey nothing more than class and sophistication. :D These cars are chic, James! It’s no wonder why you’d like to have the S600. Its interiors are really sleek, and I bet that this is going to surprise and fascinate your friends!

    Leisa Dreps
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