The Iraqi Vote

I have vented for years about my distaste for Bush. I did not and still do not support the Iraq war, but I am of the thought that now since we are there, we have to finish the job. Today, I hope, we are one step closer to bringing our troops home. But the political process is one vital part to the success of Iraq. So, rather than bash Bush over the head, which I will have ample time to do over the next three years, lets take a look as what we can expect from today's vote.

The Sunni population is participating in greater numbers which should get them more seats in government. This is a good thing because up until now, the Shiite and Kurd majority have dominated the process and are the leaving the Sunnis scraps. The Constitution as it is currently written has gaping holes in it and it is possible with more Sunni participation they can close the gap on vital issues like sharing oil revenue and the power of the central government.

It is impossible to say what will happen now but I would like to know what you all think will happen now that the Iraqis have a permanent government. I think we are a couple of years away from knowing what today means but today there is good news coming from Iraq. And it didn't cost the Pentagon a dime - if you don't count the $250 billion, the lives of over 2100 soldiers and the lives of at least 30,0000 Iraqis.


4 Responses to The Iraqi Vote

  1. Dan-E Says:
    i agree with you completely.

    president bush, were he president during world war ii, after the pearl harbor bombings, would have invaded china instead of japan.
  2. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    Yes Yes. Let the shilling-- err voting begin! While I'm completely serious with that statement, I actually support the war in Iraq. It's hard to think about a U.S.-backed Iraq fighting a partially U.S.-backed (Iran Contra) Iran in the 80s and the devastation of ferociously U.S. backed sanctions during the 90s and not think that these people deserve some kind of break as the hands of the U.S.

    Of course it'll probably fall apart, but still, it's the thought - and self-determination - that counts. But then again... that's where the shilling comes in.

    Gotta love progress.

    Also, Bush says 30,000 Iraqis dead but in the absence of his methodology for coming up with that total, that 100,000 dead number that came out last year is much more accurate.
  3. Cynthia Says:
    Since the war was a lie, I can't support it under any circumstance.

    Even if I supported the troops & the war, Bush failed miserly in Iraq. He created a theocracy. Women are worst off than what they were under Sadaam. The oil production is down. Isn't that a failure?
  4. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    It's a failure if the war was specifically supposed to not create a theocracy, liberate women, and boost oil production.

    Still I think that it's unrealistic to assess whether it is a failure or not at this point. Sure it hasn't been a rousing success, but it will take years for everything to shake out. In the end, I think that everything will be better over there.

    Not every good thing is started with good intentions.