Adding to the Blogroll

There are some folks out there that linked my blog and of course I have to return the favor. I think what I will do is categorize the blog roll so you will know what you are getting into when you click on the link. I haven't thought of how to do it yet as some blogs are personal commentary that can be funny and serious at the same time.

Any way, I have to give it up for a sister from the windy city and linked. She probably came from BossMack's blog because her first comment was on my post, "The Juxtaposition of Nigga's and Bitches". But ya'll check out InsanelySane's blog, Going Crazy in Chicago.

The next blog is authored by Stuffle and his blog, The World According to Stuffle. His blog is rants on almost everything under the sun. He is a Christian, so you foul mouth folks need to tone it down when you visit :)

Nikki doesn't have a link to me on her blog, indigo trails of my thoughts, but she has a gift for writing and I just need to recognize that. She is funny and insightful. She definitely has one of the best blogs I've ever read.

Taylor commented for the first time this past week then linked my on her blog, .Get.Fokusd. I've only read a couple of post and she seems like a compassionate young lady. Ya'll check her out.


7 Responses to Adding to the Blogroll

  1. BossMack Says:
    Insanelysane is cool peoples. Philly will get it done tonite.
  2. Jaimie Says:
    Yeah, nikki's blog is good.
  3. Rell Says:
    nikki is my homie...
  4. nikki Says:
    well damn! thanks for the props, folks. and uh, your blog will be on my roll PRONTO (yours too jaimie!)
  5. taylor Says:
    That's mad peace thanks for the shout
  6. stuffle Says:
    Thanks for the link...
  7. Steve Says:
    Althogh my blog is a business blog primarily, I've linked you and others to it.

    I've really gotta dd more articles to it through. It's only about a month old.