Some New Folks I'm Rollin' With

UPDATE: I have to apologize to my girl DJ Diva. She linked me over a week ago and I need to show her some love. She's a DJ and writer and has an excellent blog. I have her on the blog roll already but I didn't officially announce her. My bad, sistah.

What's up. It's been a busy week on the blogasphere and I've run across some pretty cool folks. So, I am adding them to the blog roll.

I'm adding Reva's Take becaue she is a cool lady. She is absolutely to the right on her political spectrum but I can deal with that. We had a good debate on WMD's and we came away disagreeing but that's the way it is. Ya'll check her out and I REALLY encourage my leftist friend to go there and show some love. LOL

Ok, the most unique blog on the roll is Ghetto Gold and Forms of Thought. The brother is a very talented artist (see here) and I plan on featuring he art on the blog. I like his politics as well but it is the art that really stands out to me. It is definitely a sight ya'll just check out soon.

Another rightie that is being added to the blog roll is Little Miss Chatterbox and her Chatterbox Chronicles. Again, I totally disagree with her politics but I'm not oppose to engaging with people that hold a difference of opinion. The fact is that we are allowing politicians to divide us to the point where we can't even hold open forums for political discourse. I've already posted on that here, but it didn't generate any discussion. So I'm assuming folks are not interested. But I digress. Ya'll check the sight. Again, I encourage my liberal leaning friends to post.

I've add the Light Within to the blogroll because he's down with DCS. I haven't had the opportunity to really read the blog but I can tell that the man is very intelligent. I'm sure I'll be reading some very good stuff there.

Now, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't add a Liberal to the roll. So the new lefty is Adrianne and her blog, Ramblings of a Stay At Home Non-Mom. She is a Canadian, dog lover and a Liberal after my own heart. She is a regular poster on Reva's Take and Mahndisa's Thoughts. I agree with her 90% of the time and it is nice to see another Liberal trying to hold it down.

Finally, we have a woman that plays Fantasy Football. Though her team is doing almost as bad as mine - but hey, injuries are a mother. Anyway, ya'll check Kerri out and her blog, Welcome To My World. She even played the pigskin challenge. The girl has heart.

So, that's it for the day.


8 Responses to Some New Folks I'm Rollin' With

  1. kerri Says:
    thanks for the add! :)

    i think that is the reason my husband married me. i can hold my own in sports conversation! lol
  2. Naro% Says:
    Hey James you gotta change the pic the one That you linked is by William H. Johnson! not me! I dont want no heat comming at me from some art farty cats, all the rest are mine! I cited him at the end of that blogg so if cats start acting up, it was just a mis-com! You all can view more of my stuff at my web site!
  3. Shirazi Says:
    Thanks for this. I hope we have a great time togather in blogsphere.
  4. Cynthia Says:

    I just wanted to say, what happen to the little boy you had as the picture of you? That was kind of cute...
  5. Shirazi Says:
    WElcome on board James. You may not get rich overnight but you sure will enjoy tracking adsense clicks ;-)
  6. DJ Diva Says:
    Where's mine??? *clicking heels like a True Diva* I must have missed my addition to your blog roll...LOL ;)
  7. James Manning Says:
    sorry, DJ, I thought I put your link up there a week ago. I'll link you up.
  8. James Manning Says:
    @Cynthia, I just changed it. I might go back to it because I do like it. Maybe I'll have a vote on it.