Retrospect: Punk Friends and A Bloody Nose

You all know how it is in the hood. Cats approach you to test your manhood and at that point you have to knuckle up. Well on this particular day I left the cozy comforts of the 4700 block of Huron with a friend of mine and ventured over to his girlfriends house on Lockwood and Iowa. We were sitting out front talking when two guys walked by us and one of them spoke to my friend. All he said was, "Wassup." My friend looked at him a said wassup back. No big deal, right?

An hour later we're walking his girlfriend and her best friend to another friends house that was located on Augusta and Waller. Half way there, the two guys that spoke to us earlier walks up on us and basically wanted beef. At that point I'm thinking, if you're bringing beef then I got bread, let's do this. Now, what the beef was all about, I had no idea - but like I said, you know how it is in the hood. It's two on two so I didn't think nothing of it. Well, my friend had a different idea.. he ran. So there I am with these two cats looking at me like they wanted to start something. (Hood Lesson #1: Never wait to get hit when you are about to get jumped. Swing on the first person that steps to you.) That's what I did. I hit the bigger of the two in the mouth and the smaller cats starts swinging on me. I let the smaller cat hit me and concentrated on punching the bigger guy. I was a football player so I was pretty strong so I held my own for a few. Then out of nowhere comes a third cat and BAM!!! I'm on the ground. I looked up waiting for the beat down but the new guy just said, "Man, you need to ride out." I stood up, wiped the blood from my nose and walked home.

By the time I got home the word was already on the block that I got jumped. Well, you know how we do it. We gathered the bats, shovels, bottles and sticks and prepared to walk back over to Lockwood and wreck shop. We never made it because the old man got wind of it and put a stop to it and made me go in the house. I still wish I could have gotten my revenge. I would have like to go toe to toe with one of those guys. But when the old man is in "James Evans" mode, it was best not to rock the boat.

I still couldn't believe my boy ran and left me there to get beat down. (Hood Rule #2: If ya boy jets and you get beat down. It is only proper to give said boy a beat down.) The next day we talked about taking my boy to the alley and teaching him a lesson but I vetoed it. I just knew that I couldn't go anywhere with him without at least one other guy on the block coming along. That's wasn't the last time I got into it, buy you all know how it is in the hood.


12 Responses to Retrospect: Punk Friends and A Bloody Nose

  1. Revka Says:
    I would have never thought a sweet guy like you would fight. Just kidding. I have known a few guys who got jumped. the key, as you said is to hit them before they get you. shame on your friend for running.
    Actually, you remind me of a 'conservative' who stays and fights, and your friend a liberal who cuts and runs.. Who can't stand in the face of danger and fight back. What a whimp.
  2. Malik Says:
    That's messed up. I think I would've signed off on the beat-down legislation for your friend.
  3. James Manning Says:
    Thinking back on it, I should have but I just learned a lesson and left it at that.
  4. Jaimie Says:
    It is so hard for me to believe you're like this, although I know its true. All I see is my sweet, kind, gentle Jimmy.
    Glad you know how to beat some ass though.
  5. letter shredder Says:
    please teach me how to tackle *grin*

    thanks for visiting my page...
  6. James Says:
    Man, getting jumped sucks....

    Like learning something new is cool, but nothing is fun about learning that you can't trust your friends. Good thing you concentrated on one of those guys before they snuck you.
  7. NewYorkMoments Says:
    I never learned to "fight." Although, for a chick, I did have some kick-ass moves in the football field. However, I've always been adept at murdering my foe with words.
  8. Dell Gines Says:
    Those sacred moments James,

    When your boy is about to get into a fight with a couple of people, and you know you are going to have to jump in to, even if it means a beat down.
  9. BluJewel Says:
    I had a situation where I was being bullied and they sisters and their friend jumped me. Having three older siblings armed me with how to defend myself in a group issued beat down, but they got the best of me anyway. I went home and told my mother who promptly escorted me out of the house and we approached the girls who beat me up. She told me to kick their asses and I did as each one looked at the other. You'd have thought the others would take off and not watch the beating. They never bothered me again and word got around that I wasn't the one to eff with.
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