Pigskin Challenge: Week 9 Recap

Hey, it was a good weekend for the kid as far as picking teams. But I thought one of my fantasy football teams would win and it turns out that all three lost. Boo. Terrell Owens killed me.

Anyway, week 9 was a good weekend for those who played.

James: 12-2
Dell: 12-2
Kerri: 11-3

Those are really good numbers. The standing is as follows:

Brandon Funston: 85-45
Dell Gines: 83-47
James Manning: 83-47
Mike Harmon: 82-48
Chris Carter: 80-50
Larry Bell: 79-51

I'm moving up in the ranks. I need a really good week to put me over the top. Can you believe that at one point I was at the bottom of the pile? Ha, I AM A MONSTER. LOL


3 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 9 Recap

  1. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Thanks for noticing my new & improved sidebar. Thanks again for your help. By the way I like your new picture :-).
  2. kerri Says:
    not too shabby for not taking a good look at what was going on between the teams... pretty proud of myself. :)
  3. Dell Gines Says:
    Oh yeah baby! I am getting my mojo back.