Comic: The Life & Times of Jimmy


5 Responses to Comic: The Life & Times of Jimmy

  1. Jim Says:
    I see you enjoy classics. A wonderful classic is the 1943 movie, "Cabin in the Sky," starring Ethyl Waters, Lena Horne, Rochester, Louis Armstrong and others.

    Another excellent movie is, "Song of the South," the tale of Uncle Remus. These are considered political no-no's nowadays but they're great stories.
  2. Jaimie Says:
    That was good.
  3. bold as love Says:
    Peace on That,
    Is this a case of art imitating life in a wierd, back to the future kinda of way? I gonna come out and just say it, "Man, are you talking to your girl's cats now"?
  4. James Manning Says:
    hahaha... could be. I'm still developing my characters. I think the cat makes for an interesting twist.
  5. Cynthia Says:
    This is cute. Those darn cats (lol).