Pigskin Challenge: Week 11

Well, another week has come and gone. There were so many upsets last week. Atlanta lost, the Giants lost. Oh, is was bad. I ened up going 9-5, which is one game better than Dell and Kerri who both went 8-6. Kerri went against her Bucs and they pulled an upset. I think she'll be going with them this week.

The Bears won but now must face a real team in the Carolina Panthers. I have to give the edge to the Panthers but it will be cold in Chicago this week so maybe the little sunshine boys will wimp up and let the Bears pull off the upset. I'm not counting on that.

So, here are the standings:

Funston: 94-54
James: 92-52 (the kid is climbing up the charts)
Dell: 91-53
Carter: 91-53
Bell: 90-54
Harmon: 91-53


WASHINGTON vs. Oakland
vs. Pittsburgh (the upset pick)
DALLAS vs. Detroit
Jacksonville vs. TENNESSEE
ST. LOUIS vs. Arizona
NEW ENGLAND vs. New Orleans
NEW YORK (NYG) vs. Philadelphia (can you say good night philly)
ATLANTA vs. Tampa Bay
DENVER vs. New York (NYJ)
SAN DIEGO vs. Buffalo
Indianapolis vs. CINCINNATI (this is the game i'm watching)
Kansas City vs. HOUSTON
GREEN BAY vs. Minnesota


6 Responses to Pigskin Challenge: Week 11

  1. kerri Says:
    Washington vs. Oakland - Washington
    Cleveland vs. Miami - Cleveland
    Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
    Dallas vs. Detroit - Dallas
    Jacksonville vs. Tennessee - Jacksonville
    St. Louis vs. Arizona - St. Louis
    New England vs. New Orleans - New England
    NY Giants vs. Philadelphia - Giants
    Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay - Bucs
    Carolina vs. Chicago - Carolina
    Seattle vs. San Francisco - Seattle
    Denver vs. New York (NYJ)- J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets
    San Diego vs. Buffalo - San Diego
    Indy vs. Cincy - Indy
    Kansas City vs. Houston - KC
    Green Bay vs. Minnesota - Pack

    **i should pick the bucs to win every week! but i won't this week**
  2. Rose Says:
    This year I am so not into sports...boring stuff to me...and boring men...
  3. MEP Says:
    Ha! Indy won!
  4. Dell Gines Says:
    Damn I missed this week again.
  5. James Manning Says:

    I'll have to do what I did before and give you the amount of wins of the worst person. You have six weeks to make a move.
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