Friday Round Up & Pigskin Challenge

Ok, it's Fridaya and I've had a pretty good week. I'm going to the USC game tomorrow, hopefully. Anyway, what's on my mind.

Let's travel throught the blogasphere first.

My girlfriend is dealing with a pervert at work. I think she should let me go down there and beat him down. But she wants to handle it in her own way. I say mace the sucker and kick him the family jewels - but she's being professional about it. Read more on Life Is Hilarious.

Adding a few new folks to the blog roll. DCS's blog
Media by Sistrunk is cool. She has one post linking to a website called I'm going to have to check that out when I get a chance. DCS is a professional in Public Relations and media training so maybe we can get some knowledge on how we can make some money from this here blogging thang. Ya'll check her out and show some love.

Rose is another new reader to my world. She too has a great blog called
Lessons Learned. She's a great writer and she is from St Louis. I got people there, but it's hard to claim them because they like to rob folks. But my grandmother's two remaining sisters are there, so I got some love for 'em.

I came across the next blog from Crunk N Disorderly. The brother had a post on the BET awards that was funny and I'm sure more entertaining than the actual show. His name is Will and he does nice work over at In My Write Mind. Even the blog name is cool. Ya'll holla at him and tell him I sent ya.


The league is set. I'll keep updated. My team is a little weak, but I should be able to make some moves to get them up to par.


I haven't added up the number from last week, but Dell Gines didn't get his picks in to me. I'm going to be fair and average his games out over the last couple of weeks so he can keep his place.
Anyway, here are todays picks.

Cincinnati vs. BALTIMORE
Atlanta vs. MIAMI
Detroit vs. MINNESOTA
San Diego vs. NEW YORK (NYJ)
Carolina vs. TAMPA BAY
CLEVELAND vs. Tennessee
KANSAS CITY vs. Oakland
Chicago vs. NEW ORLEANS
Seattle vs. ARIZONA
Pittsburgh vs. GREEN BAY
WASHINGTON vs. Philadelphia
Indianapolis vs. NEW ENGLAND

Ok, that's it. Ya'll have a good weekend. Feel free to play the Pigskin Challenge if you like or add a comment if you want me to add you to the blog roll. Happy Weekend folks


12 Responses to Friday Round Up & Pigskin Challenge

  1. Kerri Says:
    Cincinnati over Baltimore
    Miami over Atlanta
    Minnesota over Detroit
    San Diego over NY Jets
    Tampa over Carolina
    Cleveland over Tennessee
    Jacksonville over Houston
    KC over Oakland
    Chicago over NO
    Seattle over Arizona
    NY Giants over Niners
    Pittsburgh over Packers
    Philadelphia over Washington (despite the new TO/Donovan extravaganza!)
    Indy over New England

    Have fun at the USC Game.
  2. Deb S. Says:
    James, how kind of you to mention me on your blog. Thanks. I'll add you to my Blogroll. I'm from the 'Lou, too. I found you through Rose's site. I cracked up when I read about your people.

    Tell you what? I'll trade my people for your people! I definitely will check out Crunk 'N Disorderly and In My Write Mind. Thanks for the tip.

    By the way, good luck on your picks.
  3. Rose Says:
    Thanks for the shout out...Have a great weekend...I'll add you to my blogroll when I figure out how to do it. I had someone to do the others for me.
  4. Dell Gines Says:
    Cincinnati vs. BALTIMORE - Cinci
    Atlanta vs. MIAMI - Atl
    Detroit vs. MINNESOTA - Detroit
    San Diego vs. NEW YORK (NYJ) - San Diego
    Carolina vs. TAMPA BAY - Carolina
    CLEVELAND vs. Tennessee - Cleveland
    JACKSONVILLE vs. Houston - Jacksonville
    KANSAS CITY vs. Oakland - Oakland
    Chicago vs. NEW ORLEANS - Chicago
    Seattle vs. ARIZONA - Seattle
    New York (NYG) vs. SAN FRANCISCO - Giants
    Pittsburgh vs. GREEN BAY - Pittsburgh
    WASHINGTON vs. Philadelphia - Philadelphia
    Indianapolis vs. NEW ENGLAND - Indianapolis
  5. Jaimie Says:
    Thanks for linking me!

  6. MEP Says:
    Grrr, Dell! You picked the stupid patriots over the colts. I'm mad at you. Everyone else is ok b/c they agree that the colts will win.
  7. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. The ones about the hollywood people made me laugh.
  8. Jaimie Says:
    Just seeing if my little picture came up. Aren't I cute?
  9. Shirazi Says:
    bscThanks James Manning. I will be glad to sit on your blogroll. Thanks for that.
  10. Earl Jenkin™ Says:
    What up "bruh", thanks for that insightful & eloquent post you left me, it's always refreshing to get a different perspective on things. Don't forget to add me to your blogroll. Ok? Holla.
  11. James Manning Says:
    So far I'm 6-2
    James 6-2
    kerri is 6-2
    Dell is 6-2

    Good going chaps.
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