Comic: Willie & WMD's

I've decided to start my comic series. I'm not sure how it will go but this is the first one. I got the idea from reading Cobb's comics on his blog. I'll have to create some personalities and situations. We'll see how it goes.

Let me know what you think.


16 Responses to Comic: Willie & WMD's

  1. Rashid Muhammad Says:
    That's some pretty detailed pimp attire there. Keep em comin'.
  2. Jaimie Says:
  3. Revka Says:
    What is the deal with the democrats living in denial about WMD's in Iraq. They have found some of them. Sadam got rid of most of them during the time we wasted getting the U.N.'s permission to go into Iraq. (democrats fault). Pay attention. Oh yeh, you watch CNN. You will never get the truth.

    DId you forget in 1998-99 Bill Clinton said Sadam had WMD's.. So did kerry and all the other wackos.
    What happened to them?

    Oh yeh, if you all want a fight, bring it on.. We are ready. The republicans/conservatives are tired of the Dem's pushing us around. We are truly ready to fight.
  4. James Manning Says:
    LOL. That's funny, Rebe. I'm down for a good fight. Oh, can you send me the memo of when and where they found WMD's in Iraq. And I'm talking about the stock pile anthrax, the mobile labs, the nuclear program. I missed that.
  5. Adrianne Says:
    Hi! Sorry I did not totally understand the post about your cats:P Anyways I have seen you arguing with some of the Bush supporters on various blogs and quite frankly I give you credit for your energy and determination. I gave up trying to argue with them today.
  6. Malik Says:
    Once again, why is it any more acceptable for us to hate on each other than it is for others to show hate towards us? Being black doesn't give you a pass to stereotype and stigmatize your own people.
  7. James Manning Says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about.
  8. Revka Says:
    James and Adriane,
    have great news!

    I am going to post the link so you can read this yourself.
    But i have PROOF...

    in the BBCUK addition, it reported in July 2004 we found 1.7 metric tons of uranium in Iraq..radioactive material and lots of it.. It was an incredible find..

    There you go..
    Need more.. i am sure i can find it.. I have 4 kids and one i am homeschooling so i am busy, but this is fun!
    Thanks for the challenge..
    I will get you the link asap..
  9. James Manning Says:
    Handle your biz, Rebe. I'll be waiting and I will get back at you as to what I conclude with your findings.
  10. Adrianne Says:
    Rebecca I am excited to see what you have. I would had to believe that so many are dead and are fighting in a war based on lies. The thought literally keeps me up at night.
  11. Cynthia Says:
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  12. Cynthia Says:
    Hasn't the U.S. been bombing Iraq on off for over a decade. How could they have WMDs. Why is it that Republicans want to believe in lies? I like your comic strip...
  13. bold as love Says:
    Peace on That,
    What the hell happened to the blog that I would come to to escape the stressful world of political blogs? You know the one that talked about sports and dealing with cats. It seems to be gone- Okay, let me get a punch in- It's all Clinton's fault--lol
    P.S. that comic strip is some funny shit.
  14. James Manning Says:

    I have to keep it real. I love to trip and talk about sports but the world needs to hear me say my peace. Tune in tomorrow though, I have some interesting insight on grocery shopping.
  15. Naro% Says:
    Yo James hit me up on the comic tip I got one going on my joint as well:
    We could have rotating episode all ove r the blogesphere!
    Hit me up!
  16. Naro% Says:
    Hey James! thanks for stopping by and yes all of the art, illustrations, and comics are mine. trying to hook it up with the black visuals fo real!!!!!!!!!!