Spoken Word: Negromaniacs

This is a new poem that I've been working on. I haven't memorized it yet but it will be the next joint I do when I hit an open mic. I'll put up the audio for it soon.

Negromaniacs see the world in a materialistic paradigm
You get yours nigga and I’ll get mine.
Brotherhood is a fallacy
so whether it’s through corporate America or pushing dime bag
a negromaniac is only eyeing what he has… and what he has not.
He will plot your demise and celebrate your fall.
To see you crumble to him means nothing at all.
The concept of blackness is a blur,
As long as there is a log in his eye he will see that there is one in yours.
Negromaniacs only want their pockets to get fatter,
and as long as that happens nothing else matters.
He is his own deity
and his only value is that of a capitalist.
Get rich or die trying.
Live large or don’t exist.
Negromaniacs make me sick

Negromaniacs love pulpits and preaching.
So while the masses are reaching for God,
the negromaniac is teaching prosperity with ever topic.
“My people, I’m your prophet,
and the Lord has sent me to open your eyes.
So if you want to be closer to God,
come to church with your tides.
And then watch how I ride.”
And the Negromaniac will holla until you’re high
on the Holy Ghost, and until your money is ghost.
And will tell you not to worry about the checks that you wrote.
It’s for the Lord. He tells you he’s doing God’s work.
The negromaniac don’t worry about building communities,
Because he is building his mega-church.
Calling on the masses.
Traded the pimp title for pastor.

And politician.
He runs on a superficial vision.
Feed off the condition of the ghetto,
Feed off the apathy of the suburbs.
And in return the negromanic will feed the people words.
Never providing solutions.
So unless you have campaign contributions
the negromaniac is an illusion
and a face on the poster hanging on the street corner.
Former hustler turned political patriarch.
His art is the semantics of a cipher.
And by time you decipher the words that he spoke,
he too has cashed the check that you wrote.
But let another Devin Brown die in the street,
the negromaniacs will congregate with a speech.
Then when the cameras are gone the negromaniacs will flee.
Because they don’t really care.
Cuz with the people… they don’t have to live there.
Negromaniacs make me sick.

It is the negromaniac that is paid by white supremacist to tour,
and made to stand before the UN and lie to justify a war.
They disparage black people in newspapers and across airwaves.
And for that, the negromaniac is paid.
Negromaniacs make music glorifying their violence.
And when ask that a million black men speak,
the negromaniac is silent.
Negromaniacs considered the black panthers a gang.
They were there when Malcolm and Martin were slain.
They advocated a talented tenth,
and stood by and watched Europeans place warriors on ships.
I can’t stand negromaniacs. Cuz negromaniacs… make me sick.


3 Responses to Spoken Word: Negromaniacs

  1. Jaimie Says:
    Very nice. I liked it the first time I heard it.
  2. bold as love Says:
    Peace on that,
    All but the last paragraph was great-but hell, you ripped into everything and everybody so there had to be something that irked me- keep up the great work- also, would love to hear the audio.
  3. Dell Gines Says:
    Good stuff..