First High Speed Chase

I saw my first high speed chase today. I was leaving the 99 cent store on La Tijera and was getting ready to exit the alley onto La Cienega. That's when I heard the sirens. I looked to my right and I saw 6 or 7 police cars in pursuit of a white Ford or Mercury.

There was a brother with a ponytail behind the wheel. He slowed for a second then accelerated as he made a right turn onto Centenela. It was the funniest thing that I've ever seen. Only in Southern California.


2 Responses to First High Speed Chase

  1. Jaimie Says:
    I'm sure you'll see a lot more living out here in LA. People who try to outrun the cops are just IDIOTS. I mean, what are the odds of you escaping LA, especially with all the traffic?
  2. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I'm still waiting to hear your evidence on why you think Tom Delay is a crook :-).