The Man Bag: I Don't Think So

A co-worker went to lunch and purchased a purse. We started talking about men and women and how much they spend on clothes and I showed her my wallet that I purchased in 1993. It's beat up, but it's functional. She then asked me about a "Man Bag". I've never heard of it but I had an idea. She asked me if I would ever carry one. I couldn't think of a reason why I would but I do carry a bag for my lunch a CD's every day. But it's a carry-on bag from a luggage set.

So I went to go look at a man bag and the first picture I see is the following:

Now, this told me everything I needed to know about a "Man Bag" and you will never catch Brotha James carry one. I know I'm supposed to be working on my caveman ways, but this is going too far. What red-blooded, meat eating, beer drinking, football watching American MAN would be caught dead with a purse? Let's be real clear, this is a purse. It is just another way to neuter the male species. The fashion industry is trying to suck every ounce of testosterone from the American male. Maybe this is cool in Europe or for yuppie metrosexuals, but not for me. No sir.

I'll be sticking with my duffel bag and wallet. Thank you very much.


6 Responses to The Man Bag: I Don't Think So

  1. Dell Gines Says:
  2. Chance Says:
    Chance: Not something I'll be buying in the future.

    By Chance
  3. Cynthia Says:
    Come on James, this is a manly man bag (lol).
  4. bold as love Says:
    Peace on That,
    Your blog is getting to be addictive- I agree with you on this man bag shit- it's gayer than a tree full of squirels on nitrous oxide.
    drive on
  5. Midlife Crisis Says:
    Please stand up, Men, and denounce this bullshit for what it really is. Yet another plot to silence and thus eliminate the real motherfuckin' soldiers.

    Forget the Taliban. This, and BET's programming, is the real enemy right 'chere.
  6. Anonymous Says:
    Excellent, love it!
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