Destination... Blogasphere

Check out the latest post, “Naughty Princess” on my girl’s blog, Life is Hilarious. She also has a take on Rosa Parks and an adventure to a local department store where she had to return a pair of shoes. He conclusion is that she thinks men are dumb. A funny read.

Now off to the blogasphere… I’m starting with one of the new members to the Blog Roll,
Bold As Love. He is another conservative brother and his most recent post is honoring Rosa Parks.

From there I went to
Right and Blond (blond conservative). He talks about how he had religious experience after running an algorithm and creating a branch then while on a hunting trip he notices the “broom weed” looked exactly like the weed he produced with a program. The funniest thing is that right after this experience he grabs a shotgun and kills a couple of doves. It’s a funny story.

Ok, so from there I venture to
Breeze Debris and she has a video with her and her boyfriend driving around looking at painted faces. It’s kind of strange but it is different.

From there I venture to
THIS SIDE OF THE CAVE which is another blog with more bootleg short films. I really didn’t understand the The Will Sellari Show! But maybe some of you will.

This road is getting strange so I’m going to venture down another avenue.

I’m going the political rout and my first stop is at
Booker Rising. It is a portal of commentary from black conservative blogs and columnist. There is never a shortage of information there and the debates are excellent. Today’s post is about how marriage improves the lives of blacks.

Next stop,
SOUTH OF THE JMES It looks as though this blog is about Virginia Politics.

On to
750 Volts where he has written an interesting poem about George Bush. The blog, again, is mostly about Virginia politics.

Finally, I venture to
Inciting A Riot where he has the scoop on the Janet Jackson secret daughter controversy.


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  1. BREEZE Says:
    hello!! i am glad you liked our video...i find your blog interesting, especially your childhood stories...amazing...i have worked with foster is my passion in life.good day
  2. Anonymous Says:
    Best regards from NY! » »
  3. William Sellari Says:
    What's not to understand my good sir?!?
  4. Anonymous Says:
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