A Stealth Attack that Bombed

I was never sure what the movie was about. I saw the billboards and posters on bus stops but that didn't say much about it. When the studio finally got around to advertising the movie, I still didn't get it. However, I did notice something. It seems as though they tried to make Jamie Foxx the lead although he was the third wheel in this movie. From what I've read, the movie was made before Jamie's performance in "Ray". It didn't make a difference though, because the movie, which cost around $100 million made on $13 million in the first weekend. That is a huge bomb on any standard. Hollywood needs to come up with some good movies.


2 Responses to A Stealth Attack that Bombed

  1. Dell Gines Says:
    I agree, I will wait till itcomes to the dollar movie, although it did look good.
  2. Celia Says:
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