I Like It - But I'm Ashamed That I Do

Have you ever enjoyed doing, watching, listening or eating something then later thought, ‘I should be ashamed of myself for liking this.’ I’ve discovered several things that everyone else I know hated but I enjoyed. I thought about them then realized, yes, some of these are some terrible things to like and I am now admitting it.

(music) Country Grammar: Yes, the lyrics are weak, the concept is off of a childhood name game but for some reason I dig this song. You have to admit that it is a catchy song.

Say now, can you hoes come out to play now
Hey I'm, ready to cut you up any day now
Play by, my rules Boo and you gon' stay high
May I, answer yo' Third Question like A.I.
Say hi, to my playas left in the slamma
From St. Louis to Memphis
From Texas back up to Indiana, Chi-Town
K.C. Motown to Alabama
L-A, New York Yankee sluggaz to Hotlanta
'ouisiana, gettin paid off this "Country Grammar"
Smokin ------ in Savannah
Blow thirty mill' like I'm Hammer

I really like that song but none of my boys did. I can’t explain it but when I really listen to it, I can understand why they don’t like it… but I’ll bump the hell out of it.

(movie) Hav Plenty: This was a low budget movie with bad acting with a bad script. The plot was unbelievable. Are we really suppose to believe that a professional woman, dating a successful singer, will fall for a below average looking, out of work, homeless writer? Then, they want us to believe that this man will walk into a home and have three different women hit on him? But again, there is something about this movie that I like. Maybe its when dude got sucker punched in the stomach. Maybe it was his cornball personality that I enjoyed.

But I understand why folks don’t like this movie. Hav was fine but she needs to work on her cursing. The professional in the day and ghetto girl at night routine didn’t work. And what was up with Hill Harpers character. Those whack lines he tried to put down to win her back… yes, this is a bad movie but I’ll admit it – I like it.

(TV) HGTV: Trading Spaces, Designer Challenge, Curb Appeal, Kitchens 2005 – I love all of these shows. I even enjoy “What Not To Wear”, when they give a non-dressing individual $5000 to update their wardrobe after taking some criticism from the two hosts. It is a long way from the NFL network and my boys think I’m an undercover metro-sexual for watching it, but it’s like watching a colorful version of “This Old House.” Secretly, I want to be an interior designer but I can’t draw and I’m not good with color coordinating – on top of that I hate to shop. So my chance of success is nil.

(Fashion) Wearing Tight Shirts:
I am ashamed to say that every once in a while I’ll put on a shirt that is a little… snuggly. I don’t know why I do it… maybe it’s because I work so hard at maintaining these impeccable pecks, that I just want to bless the world with a peak. That may not be it. Rest assure, the shirts that I had are no longer in my wardrobe. The one time that I did wear one, my guys dogged me so bad I just threw them away or used them for the cable show I once hosted. My three-year-old stepdaughter now uses my remaining tight shirt as a mock when she helps me with the grill.

Ok, I put myself out there... Now here is your chance to free yourself of your deamons. Share with the world.


5 Responses to I Like It - But I'm Ashamed That I Do

  1. MEP Says:
    Ok, so I loved Nelly when he first came out too. But I lived in Missouri at the time and we all loved him because he represented St. Louis. So I have an excuse.
  2. Anonymous Says:
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