US Raises Threat Level to Orange


Is there anything anyone can do about a mad bomber hoping on the subway and blowing himself/herself up? I don't think so. We might want to come to the conclusion that the statement, "We fight them in Iraq so we don't fight them at home" has no merit. We will be fighting terrorist in New York, London, Hong Kong and anywhere else some lunatic decides he wants to make a political statement through terror.

I've read on other blogs where people want us to retaliate by dropping bombs... dropping bombs where I ask. How many terrorists have we killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many arrests have been made around the world? We might want to get it through our heads that the only way to stop this is through political means. Every country that has had to deal with insurgents and terrorist have learned this lesson. Ireland, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Israel and a host of other countries have learned that lesson. America may want to take the time to learn it as well and stop treating this war on terror like a video game.

Raising the threat level through a color-coded system when there is no intelligence available. Wow.


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