Mexico Issues Racist Stamp

So I ask Black America, how much money have you spent in Mexico. Well, I can tell you that they will never get another dime from me. The Mexican government issued a series of stamps depicting an exaggerated black caricature. The Mexican authority tried to say that this was just a stamp celebrating nostalgia… ain’t that a trip?

Activists in Mexico said the stamp was offensive but not unexpected.

"One would hope the Mexican government would be a little more careful and avoid continually opening wounds," said Sergio Penalosa, an activist in Mexico's small black community on the southern Pacific coast.

"But we've learned to expect anything from this government, just anything," Penalosa said.

Carlos Caballero, assistant marketing director for the Mexican Postal Service, said the stamps are not offensive, nor were they intended to be.

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I am calling for a boycott of Mexico starting right now. Any vacation I though I would take in Mexico is officially dead. If Mexico won’t deal with its racist ways then maybe black America should help them by spending our money elsewhere. Hopefully, this is what people will call for soon. Now, excuse me while I go listen to some Public Enemy.


9 Responses to Mexico Issues Racist Stamp

  1. Fresh Says:
    Ugh, I'm disgusted.
  2. Black Ambition Says:
    I can't believe Fox Administration refuses to recall these stamps! It is hard to believe that Fox, who was educated in the US and who has a grandfather who was born in Ohio, cannot look at those stamps and know that they are racist as hell!
  3. Anonymous Says:
    no offense but if people don't know about this, then it will be what we need to do is send these images to a paper dailynews or this strange to you, don't you know that even mexicans think they are better than blacks, yes we put all minorities together..but do they??? no they don't...WAKE UP!!!
    i'm not surprised!!!
  4. Malik Says:
    Screw it, just take a vacation to mexico and dress the whole family in Speedy Gonzales t-shirts. In fact, start a counter campaign to put a Speedy sticker on every package or letter that's sent to mexico. "Arriba!"
  5. Anonymous Says:
    Oh look, black people are using racist comments to fight racism. It seems nowadays black people or African Americans are looking for new issues to complain about. It is funny to me however that a black person can make racist jokes or comments about other races and find humor in that. But do this to a black person and all hell breaks loose. Wake the hell up people, we live in America and that stamp was made in Mexico. No one is being racist, the black community is to dam sensitive and has too much time on their hands.
  6. Anonymous Says:
    I hope I dont stir up some stuff, I totally agree with you guys, and I am mexican, but I want you guys to understand is that this is not a racist problem, is a lack of respect problem, Mexico does not have a history of racism, they dont know racism in mexico cause there is no racial diversity. I definitely think that this cartoon character was based on racist epictions of black people that came from here and got there, I think the creator of the cartoon was not thinking of being racist (if he was even thinking at all) he was just trying to create a black character, and since he didnt know any black folks, he took what the neighbore from the north (that has black population) had to show, this cartoon was created on the 50's, when white people had our black brothers painting thir faces even blacker and red big lips, the creator of the cartoon though it was ok. Now, we have grown and evolved and know that this kind of depictions are wrong, the stance that the mexican goverment is taking is very ignorant and disrespectfull, they can have a lot of excuses, but no mexican, no white, no asian, no indian or any ethnicity in this world has the right to tell a black folk whats offensive or not to them, this damn stamps are going to all over the world. Boycotting mexico is not gona do much cause is not the people down there, I was there recently and they think like I do, is just the ignorant, and negligent govement who should be held acountable. Me as a Mexican I feel offended, as my black brothers do, cause you would think that after 50 years, our goverment would have grown out of mediocraci, but it has gotten worst.
  7. maverick Says:
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  8. Anonymous Says:
    Wah wah wah......Mexico has "racist" stamps. It's another country people! Use your outrage for something more important. How about the fact that Fox is doing nothing to stop, but actually encouraging, his people to stream across the boarder in endless droves?
  9. Anonymous Says:
    oh c'mon people!!!! this is a very old mexican cartoon character. why are you so sensitive black people??? i am a mexican and i don't think this was intended to be racist at all. anyway i have to say i hate black people because they are stupid (as you can notice here), they look like monkeys (really) and they smell bad. i think this world would be a much better one without blacks and jewish. but anyway, if hitler didn't make it, somebody else will...hopefully....c ya' in hell!!!