History of NBA Rookies

I was a little surprised at the NBA draft. I didn’t think Deron Williams would go at number 3 and I didn’t think Sean May would fall as far as 13. I hate that Quentin Richardson was traded to the Knicks but I can understand why the Suns would want a bigger body. They have scoring; what they need is some defense.

As for the High School kids, there were a couple of good ones in the draft but I’m not sure how many of them will be on an NBA roster three years from now. Of the nine Prep players in the draft, only three went in the first round. That is a far cry from years past where most went in the first round. A lot of these kids could have used the new NBA age restriction that would have forced them into the college ranks.

I looked all of the Prep players drafted since 1995 to get a look at how many of them are having some success in the NBA.

Here is a full list of high schoolers selected in the NBA draft (name/pick/team):

Martell Webster, 6, Portland
Andrew Bynum, 10, L.A. Lakers
Gerald Green, 18, Boston
C.J. Miles, 34, Utah
Ricky Sanchez, 35, Portland
Monta Ellis, 40, Golden State
Louis Williams, 45, Philadelphia
Andray Blatche, 49, Washington
Amir Johnson, 56, Detroit

Dwight Howard, 1, Orlando (2005 All-Rookie Team)
Shaun Livingston, 4, L.A. Clippers (Got some playing time and didn't do bad with it)
Robert Swift, 12, Seattle (Didn't get much playing time but at 7', that's not a good sign)
Sebastian Telfair, 13, Portland (Jury - Came on at the end of the season)
Al Jefferson, 15, Boston (Got a lot of playing time and didn't do a bad job with it)
Josh Smith, 17, Atlanta (The kid made a name for himself at the All-Star break. Crazy shot blocking skills for a rookie)
J.R. Smith, 18, New Orleans (Good - Finished 5th among rookies in scoring)
Dorell Wright, 19, Miami (Didn't get much playing time in Miami. Played in only 3 games all season)
Jackie Butler, undrafted (Never knew you, kid)

LeBron James, 1, Cleveland (Ya'll know)
Travis Outlaw, 23, Portland (After two seasons he's up to playing 12min per game)
Ndudi Ebi, 26, Minnesota (Not much here after two years. Spent most of last season on IR with no injuries)
Kendrick Perkins, 27, Memphis (No scoring, no playing time, not much to see here)
James Lang, 48, New Orleans (Released for the Blazers, not in NBA)

Amare Stoudemire, 9, Phoenix (Superstar)
DeAngelo Collins, undrafted (playing in Europe)
Lenny Cooke, undrafted (A series of bad breaks for this kid. Last heard, playing in the Philippines 2003)

Kwame Brown, 1, Washington (Still around but has never developed into the player most thought he would be)
Tyson Chandler, 2, L.A. Clippers (Good - Came into his own this year. Not a star but can play)
Eddy Curry, 4, Chicago (It took several years but he it looks like he is finally ready. Have some health issues to work out)
DeSagana Diop, 8, Cleveland (Hasn't done a thing. Maybe needs a change of scenery)
Ousmane Cisse, 47, Denver (No longer in the league)
Tony Key, undrafted (No information on this cat)

Darius Miles, 3, L.A. Clippers (Showed signs of promise in LA. Lost a little after being traded but got it back)
DeShawn Stevenson, 23, Utah (Nothing special but working hard enough to stay on somebody's bench)

Jonathan Bender, 5, Toronto (Skinny:
Leon Smith, 29, San Antonio (This is one I feel sorry for you. Got a couple 10 day contracts. No buzz on him)

Al Harrington, 25, Indiana
Rashard Lewis, 32, Seattle
Korleone Young, 40, Detroit

Tracy McGrady, 9, Toronto (The Man)

Kobe Bryant, 13, Charlotte (traded to L.A. Lakers) (All-World)
Jermaine O'Neal, 17, Portland (All-World)
Taj McDavid, undrafted (Who?)

Kevin Garnett, 5, Minnesota (One of the Greatest to ever play the game)


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  1. Outside the Box Says:
    Unless you've done one already that I'll run across eventually, I'd love to see your Top 10 favorite NBA or who you think the Top 10 Greatest (up to this point) were.

    Maybe one of these Fridays.

    If you don't mind, let me know in advance and I'll match you!
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