Hot Ghetto Mess

Ok, this is my new favorite website for laughs. A friend pointed this site out to me and I haven't stopped laughing since. Just to give you a taste of what you will see on the site, I pulled a few and will now present them to you. I must warn you, some of the pictures will f*** up your fashion equalibrium.

Check out HotGhettoMess for more laughs.

There is nothing wrong with being gay. I won't clown him for his sexual orientation. Actually, I don't know if his is gay or not. But based on the evidence at hand, we can reasonably conclude that this brother is not only gay - but is a flaming flamingo without and ounce of fashion sensibility. And if he is not gay... Lord help him. Because brother if you are not gay then you need the dogcrap beat out of you. And to have the nerve to take a picture... You know there is a part of me that want to pray to God that he will smite you where you stand and cast your soul into the depths of hell for all of eternity. But I won't do that. But I will say this... the next time you go to the beach you put on some shorts and leave your damn shirt on.

So how did they even get out of the house in this mess? Now, if this were my daughter, I would kick her butt, and then I would beat the living crap out of her date. I wouldn't be mad about the outfit, I'd be mad about the satanic cult this kid is a part of and introduced to my baby girl. "Daddy, the devil made me do it." is the only excuse I'd accept for a transgression like this. But I would still grab him by the arms and put my foot in the small of his back... over and over and over and over until he begged for mercy and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal savior.


30 Responses to Hot Ghetto Mess

  1. Cynthia Says:

    This is too funny. A good laugh for the weekend. And, I agree with every word you said here.
  2. Fresh Says:
  3. Anonymous Says:
    both of yo look nasty
  4. Anonymous Says:
    it is a shame that someone would allow this attire, inside or outside the house.... never in a kabillion years would my mom allow such foolishness.... i am a grown woman and if my mom heard that i had on some mess like that, she would come to my house and stomp a mud hole in me.... those outfits are AWFUL.
  5. Anonymous Says:
    THEY ARE TOO CUTE !!!!!!!!
  6. Anonymous Says:
    he must really love her :-)
  7. Anonymous Says:
    "oh my God, do you HAVE a mirror?"
  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Anonymous Says:
    really was that at an party that you have to dress looking mess
  11. Anonymous Says:
    Stop the muther fucking madness!!! Real Talk:Cott Damn!!! I'm mad at ya'll two fucked the fucked up individuals.Can you say"Get the fuck out of here...quick, fast and in a muther fucking hurry?
  12. Anonymous Says:
    Stop the mother fucking madness!!! Real Talk:Cott Damn!!! I'm mad at ya'll two fucked the fucked up individuals.Can you say"Get the fuck out of here...quick, fast and in a mother fucking hurry?
  13. Anonymous Says:
    who ever made that shit for them is wrong they need to lose there business license fuck it i'll report them to the better business bureau.
  14. Anonymous Says:
    Man wat the fuck man is that fuckin Chinese New Year but a lil momma u lookin good u got a fat ass.

    Call me 547-5028

    real #
  15. Anonymous Says:
    There is another website out there better than Hot Ghetto Mess. It's called Bamma Phi Bamma. Like a fraternity. It's hilarious! It's a new site. They do all kinds of things. They post the crazy pictures from people's myspace pages as well as do celebrity look a likes. I will provide some links.
  16. Anonymous Says:
    say i fill wat they said cuz he look damn fuck but her out fit is nice
  17. Anonymous Says:
    I saw that site It wasn't bad. It has a ways to go, but it is very funny. They got a lot of comments focusing on the comments that Kramer made the other's the link.
  18. Anonymous Says:
  19. Anonymous Says:
    Hallo! ;)
    heh... what mad newz!
    what do you suppose about it?
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