Congress is Full of ****!!!

Part 1: The Congress is looking to pass a Constitutional Amendment to ban flag burning. Not that I think burning the flag is a good idea, but limiting freedom of expression is something that we should not be doing. One Senator said that it was offensive. Well, there are lots of offensive expressions in the world but they are not illegal. It is amazing how they find the time to write such meaningless bills. The Citizens Flag Alliances noted that only one incident of a flag burning took place last year. The Confederate flag is an offensive symbol to some yet hundreds of thousands of people fly them every year. There are states that fly them on public property.

Part 2: Congress voted on a resolution to apologize for the failure to pass an anti-lynching law. So what good is this? This is a classic case of the Senate window dressing an issue to appease black people without really doing anything. First, this wasn't roll call vote so we have no record of the Senators that supported it who didn't. Second, the full Senate wasn't in session so a number of Senators weren't even present. Third, there is no compensation for the people who suffered because of the Senate's unwillingness to protect American citizens from the hands of racist vigilantes.

Conclusion: Our government is full of it. If they can pass a resolution to apologize for not passing an anti-lynching law, why won't they apologize for slavery? Why haven't they apologized to Native Americans for the genocide that took place? Why won't they apologize to the families of the 1700 soldiers killed and 12,000 soldiers injured in the conflict in Iraq for not demanding a legitimate reason to invade that country? Why don't they apologize to the millions of Iraqis for not forcing the President to present a post-war plan for Iraq? Why don't they apologize for passing the Patriot Act before ever reading it? Why don't they apologize for allowing the government to imprison an American citizen for three years without charging him? Why don't they apologize for not properly funding education? Why don't the apologize to America for voting themselves a cost of living wage every year and failing to raise the minimum wage? Why don't they apologize for being an assembly of dickless, spineless, money grubbing, conniving, heartless pieces of shit that is willing to waist tax dollars on building a freakin' rain forest in Iowa - but will piss a bitch if they have to spend money for head start programs. What the hell does Iowa need with $50 million rain forest? Apologize my ass - pass a bill that means something... to SOMEBODY!!! You bastards get on my damn nerves.

Note: The blog, Black Ambition as an excellent post on lynching:
Lynching Post


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  1. Black Ambition Says:
    i agree with your apology opinion. thanks for stopping in. i like your blog!
  2. Cynthia Says:

    I like your analysis. Very thoughtful and it reflects my views also.
  3. Anonymous Says:
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