Friday’s List-O-Rama: What the boss is really saying

Corporate communication is an art form that takes several years to master. As one who has sat through many meetings and fireside chats, I am well aware of the underline meaning of management lingo. For those of you just entering the workforce, this is my quick guide to the lexicon of Corporate America and by extension, a graduate level education for managers who are not well versed in the art of dealing with the peasants.

So here are 15 sayings in Corporate America and what they really mean.

1. Let’s think out of the box: To date, all of your ideas suck and we are still hemorrhaging money like a drunken sailor in a whore house.

2. I’m looking for your to knock the ball outta the park: Just because I pay you peanuts does not mean I don’t expect you to work like I’m paying you as though you were making my salary. So STFU and give me more.

3. The ball is in your court – STFU and do your job.



3 Responses to Friday’s List-O-Rama: What the boss is really saying

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