Entertainment News: Suge Knight - Transformers - Jayson Williams Pisses in Sink

It seems that Suge Knight is losing is mojo. For the longest time, he was the beast of hip hop. I remember when Death Row Records ruled hip hop? Now it seems that Suge spends more time on his back than he does in the office.

The man responsible for putting Suge Knight in hospital over the weekend is not Akon's manager.

Reports surfaced earlier today (February 15) that Knight ended up in hospital last night after brawling with Robert Carnes Jr. at an Akon hosted party at the W Hotel in Arizona.

Police who arrived at the scene witnessed Carnes Jr. hit Knight twice in the head and had to taser both men to end the brawl.

According to TMZ, Knight fractured several bones in his face and has been discharged from the local hospital where he received treatment.

Carnes Jr. told police that he was Akon's business manager but the singer's publicist released a statement to TMZ denying Carnes Jr's claims.

"He is not Akon's business manager, David Bolno is," said Akon's publicist.

Carnes Jr. is still in custody and has been charged with one count of felony aggravated assault.

This marks the second time in nine months that Knight has ended up in hospital due to a brawl. Last year the mogul was knocked out cold at a Los Angeles nightspot after getting to brawl with a local barber.

Akon had left the party when the altercation occured.

In case you don't remember. Here is Suge Knight getting knocked out at another party. Maybe the dude should just stay at home:

Jason Williams:

Remember when Jayson Williams killed his limo driver playing around with a loaded gun. I always thought the guy was a little off and it seems that his divorce proceedings will reveal even more nuttiness:

The has-been hoopster who's still facing criminal charges in the death of a limo driver was sued Friday by his wife, who says the former Phoenix Suns No. 1 draft pick liked to go No. 1 in a sink.

Tanya Young Williams filed divorce papers in Manhattan Supreme Court in which she accuses the ex-Nets star of faking stomach cancer and suicide, and of threatening to kill her. Source

I've heard of taking a leak while in the pool (which is nasty), but how does one regard pissing in the sink? The same sink you fill to wash your face.


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    Why he did it?
    The video from the scene:
    Jayson Williams-"suicidal"