Friday's Listings

The Inauguration not only ushered in a new era of American governance, but marked the death of some things important and not-so important.

1. Twelve strait hours of news coverage: Do we really need a play-by-play of every little thing that happens? Why do I need to know who made the socks the Marines are wearing? After the first few hours you could tell the talking heads had ran out of things to say. Whenever that happens you know the pundits will attempt to out cliché one another and as interesting as that is to watch, even that gets old after about 15 minutes.

2.The word “Historic”: Yeah, it was an historic event but damn if I didn’t hear that word every 15 seconds. We should completely ban the use of that word for the rest of Obama’s presidency.

3. “Did you ever think you’d live to see this day?”: Did anybody? Talk about fishing for emotional television… No, I never thought I’d live to see a day when a black man is president… but hell, I never thought I’d live to see the day when the Cardinals make it to the Super Bowl!

4. Bows on Hats: Aretha Franklin is the Queen but I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney tries to sue her for copyright infringement. Minnie don’t you weep, they’ll return you bow before the week is up. On the bright side, all she needed was a strong rubber band attached to it and she could have flown out of there and avoided the traffic.

5. Poetry: I’m sure Elizabeth Alexander is an excellent writer and poet. I am not poet laureate and who am I to question a woman who has a Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania? Still, I was not at all enthralled by her poem. Maybe it’s the way she read it. Say what you will about rap, at least its entertaining and it rhymes.

6.President Bush: He truly looked uncomfortable and I was happy that Obama dug at him at times. The world is a safer place today because we no longer have a dry drunk running this country (into the ground).

7.Neo-Cons: I read the blogs. They are grasping ever so fervently to their bitter straws in the hopes of maintaining some relevance. Their posting pictures of the National Mall after the crowds have left..”oohh, lookie here. See how much trash they left behind. What is Obama going to do about that?” Yes, it’s pitiful but it’ll take them a few years to get their footing.


2 Responses to Friday's Listings

  1. Patrick M Says:
    A couple of points on the list.

    Coverage, historic, and "Did you ever...?" - We'll hear variants of this for the next 4 (or 8) years.

    Aretha's bow - I saw an article somewhere (and I think I'll have it on my next post) where there was big demand for the hat.

    President Bush - Your opinion aside, Bush was doing everything he could to make it a seamless and dignified transition and all Obama could do was to pull out the campaign points and give him a few extra kicks. Yeah, real f'ing classy.

    The Neos - They'll be back at it in next week as Obama rolls out his actual proposals.
  2. Mr. Grey Ghost Says:
    I agree with every point here except 6 & 7. Aretha really didnt look so bad and yeah I'm still trying to except the fact that the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl.