Why I Hate: Conservative Pundits

Barak Obama left the campaign trail to visit his ailing grandmother. Most people understand this but leave it up to the talking heads on the right to smear him for the decision.

Yesterday, Brad Blakeman was on MSNBC chastising Obama for using his campaign plane to "go visit grandma". He made this stupid comment in the throes of defending Sarah Palin's $150,000 shopping spree; suggesting that the cost of flying to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother is more controversial than spending $75,000 at Nieman Marcas.

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Then we have comedian/racist Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and James Corsi suggesting that Barak Obama's Hawaii trip is somehow related to his birth certificate.

From Michael Savage:

"And Obama's leaving for Hawaii -- why? Why? What's he doing there? Why's he going there, huh? What's he going there for, huh? Why's he gonna -- the last phase of a race, he's getting off the track just to visit his grandmother? Don't be stupid. It's the birth certificate issue, you fools, you."

From Jerome Corsi:
I'm headed out to Honolulu. I am not convinced that Barack Obama is going because his grandmother is sick. I appreciate that his grandmother is sick and he wants to be with her. I do recall that Barack Obama's mother died of cancer, and he didn't go to be by her side when she died. He relates that in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father. And I'm going out to do what digging I can on the birth certificate.

You can here it for yourself:

These guys are idiots. I think it is sad that there are people out there that actually listen to this crap. Maybe one day people will wake up and we can remove this garbage from the American landscape.


1 Response to Why I Hate: Conservative Pundits

  1. Shaw Kenawe Says:
    Pathetic. That's the only word to describe the slime.

    But you have to understand how desperate they are to hang onto power.

    The Radical Right thinks the country is still with them, when in fact they've been left in the grime and garbage of history.