Oh the Agony. I Can't Bear It

There is no excuse to losing 3 games in the final minutes. There Bears should be 6-0 but to date all of their losses has come with defensive collapses in the final minutes of the game. Coming into the season my figured that the defense would carry the load with the offense but the offense is doing much better then many expected. Hopefully, my beloved Bears will turn things around for the final 2/3 part of the season. We have an opportunity to make a move towards the playoffs. C'mon guys. LETS GO!!!


2 Responses to Oh the Agony. I Can't Bear It

  1. Shaw Kenawe Says:
    What is worse, James, for me anyway, is seeing the Red Sox down three games.


    And a very big shout out to you from a Bosox fan.

    I'll be visiting you more often.

    I used to visit Patrick's blog, Sane Political Discourse, but really, James, I'm weary of being called names.

    He calls me crazy and other high-minded names.

    Really. I so finished with that in 5th grade.

    I can come here and feel comfortable in saying I am so lifted up with hope and every other positive emotion thinking that Sen. Obama has a really good chance to win this.

    At the same time, I feel so sad that he has to take over the wreckage that the Republicans will have left him.

  2. nosthegametoo Says:
    It's hard to watch the Bears. Sickening actually.

    I've had to stick to college football this season.