Oh God... This is Really Bad

We are back to the same ole nasty Republican attack machine. Sarah Palin's speech probably went well with hate-mongering righties but haven't this country had enough of this. We now have Dick Cheney in a skirt.

This woman didn't speak once about the economy. She listed putting an airplane on ebay as part of her experience. The Republicans are sick individuals. You can see that in the tone of this convention. Karl Rove has McCain running way too far to the right and Obama is perfectly clear... voting for McCain will be another four years of Bush.

At least now we can take the gloves off and attack Sarah Palin and show her as the fringe neo-con that she is. By Friday the Obama camp should have a nice punch in the face for this self-proclaimed pitbull with lipstick.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Republicans actually enjoyed this sophomoric tirade, but we are talking about people that believe Adam and Eve walked dinosaurs. These truly are the end of times.


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