Supporting Obama

The following is a letter is one meant to inspire Obama supporters.

A reader advisory

This article is my response to a Barack supporter in the United States who was
concerned about the the possibility of colour and race being used surreptitiously in concert with elements of the media, to disguise an attempt to deny Barack Obama a fair opportunity to achieve his destiny. The Presidency of the United States of America.

Dear Barack supporter

To be credible, I need to reveal one or two facts about myself before addressing the subject of your concerns. I am a 68 yr old white male and an Australian citizen of Irish and Scottish heritage! As such I am not eligible to vote in your election. However I support Barack Obama for election as the 44th President of the United States, simply because he is by any standard, the most talented, and qualified candidate from either side of the political divide.

Only one candidate has satisfactorily demonstrated the type of skills and leadership qualities people quite rightfully expect to see in a candidate for the office of President. Specifically, in Obama’s overwhelming favour these include: His sound policy positions, diplomatic skills, political skills, sage judgement, people skills, personal ethics, temperament, proven management skills and of course at 47 yrs, his age advantage, when considering the work load and pressures involved in managing the most demanding job in the world.

Back to the original question! The fact is, we like Barack. Personally I wouldn’t care if he was green, had stripes or that he might be lousy at table tennis. I suppose that last bit is possible! None of this matters. People feel close to Obama. They can see he likes people and genuinely cares for them. He touches us through his natural humanity and in the midst of the political crossfire, we admire his strength, resolve, integrity and even politeness. It’s a rare thing we witness.

People know that his words, while beautiful to contemplate, are not false. We are reassured by his easy demeanour and his truth is reflected in the sincerity of his smile. People feel these things. They are confident in his ability because he communicates a clear understanding as to what needs to be done as President to restore people’s faith in the future. This time people are endowing a special man with their trust in addition to their vote. They sense they have arrived at a special place and time in their country’s history. A time many thought would never happen in their lifetime. And they have made their choice. Obama knows this and is respectful of that great responsibility.

Quite openly he has challenged every American to make a commitment to their own future and that of their country. He has invited them to work with him in solving the country’s problems thereby suggesting that together they can build a brighter future for all Americans. A concept readily embraced by people who are voting for change. It is a willing contract between the people and a man of the people, who if they prevail, will be their next President. Such a pact is historic. People can’t wait to start.

Around the globe people are beginning to feel more safe, more connected and more positive about the future at the prospect of an Obama Presidency. Ask anyone in any country, anywhere. Polls are confirming it. People of all age, race, colour, creed and religion have joined together as one, to work and volunteer, most for the first time, to help bring positive change. The ripple effect of this positive momentum is building like a tsunami as it reaches out and begins to touch the lives of people everywhere. It feels like an election for a world President!

Many years ago I read ” The Power of One” an amazing and inspirational book by the famous Australian author Bryce Courtenay. They made a superb movie based on the book. Those of you who have had the privilege to read it will understand it’s relevance to this article.

Please play the short video before reading the ending.

As human beings seeking a better world, we recognise a gifted leader when we see one.
And as Oprah with deep belief said so aptly. ” He is the One ”

The only colour I see in Barack Obama, is the colour of the future! It is a hue which promises to make the world a better place.
And a Presidency which promises to make America bright and beautiful again.

John Hay
Brisbane. Queensland. Australia
Video: “To the Dreamers” produced by: Akin Salawu - AkinScribe5

Copyright John Hay (All rights reserved).

This is a great letter!!! Go Obama


6 Responses to Supporting Obama

  1. Gadfly Says:
    That's what kills me about how backward the world still is.

    I could give a f*@# what color Obama's skin is, or how funny his name is, for that matter. Just like I don't care if Hillary's sex organs are on the inside or the outside -- or if John McCain is older than both of them, for Pete's sake.

    It's about the message I hear; the history of them I witness; and what little of the person I can see behind the eyes on camera.

    I mean, I've been waiting my whole life to vote for a woman -- but not THAT woman.

    McCain's platform is the best republican I've come across in a long time -- but something about him scares the crap out of me.

    Obama is being only as disingenuous as he needs to be to survive inside the Beltway.

    He's my man -- even though I'm pro-second-amendment and I know he's going to be against me on that issue. I know he's going to be with me on pretty much everything else. I'll give a few bucks to gun psycho groups to make up the difference while he's in office *chuckle*
  2. Bullfrog Says:
    The letter, like Obama's consistent message, is about "good feelings" and "hopechangery". The only point made that was supported by facts was Obama being younger, which naturally gives him some advantage, but not a significant one.
  3. James Manning Says:

    I think it should be given that Obama is a Liberal Democrat - though not as Liberal as some would have you believe - so I think that alone is a basis for a lot of his support. His plan for ending the war in Iraq is another FACT that is a basis for the support. Then you have McCain, who isn't even getting serious backing from Republicans - so not wanting McCain to continue the Bush policy is another FACT. So the only thing left to do is inspire and motivate votes to come out in November and vote for him. Hence, the reason his speeches are working. Which is the same reason why Republicans spend more time writing about Obama then the do writing in support of McCain.
  4. Bullfrog Says:
    The letter itself fails to list any facts, aside from "Obama is AWESOME!", which is more of an opinion.

    The things you listed are not in the letter, but regarding that:

    His plan for ending the war: you mean the original "get them out NOW" plan, or the new 16 month deadline plan that can be "adjusted" based on the conditions on the ground? I am glad he sees the surge working like the rest of the planet, but I am guessing his base isn't too enthusiastic.

    Not continuing Bush-like policies: if Barack is wise, he will start sliding closer to Bush-like in his Iraq stance and away from his extreme stance on drilling in the U.S. or his numbers will continue to slide.

    I would never argue that Obama is not more exciting and interesting to write about, but if I have to choose between him and McCain for the sake of the well-being of the country, McCain gets my vote.

    The average American feels the same way, which is why the country is split at the moment, but give it a few months, with a few more Obama flip-flops, and he will go the way of Al Gore and John Kerry of Presidential elections past.
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