Card Services Scam

Calling Scam

I received a call from today and when I answered it a voice recording stated that they had information regarding my credit card and could lower my interest rate. The recording instructed me to press “1” for a representative. I did that and a man came on the line and said he was with a company that helped people with more than $4000 in credit card debt. I’m not one of those persons so I asked him what company he was with. I got no answer. At that point I hung up.

I called the number back and got a disconnected message. Me being me, I did some snooping on the Internet and found out some information.

There are several scams offering unsuspecting consumers a reduced interest rate on their credit cards. They will ask you for you high balance credit card number and charge you a fee between $700 and $1000. This is a scam and you should not fall for. The golden rule still applies:

1. Do not provide your information to a stranger.
2. If it sounds too good to be true… it is.
3. Ask questions.

There are several phone numbers that they use but the most popular one is 954-424-9037

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19 Responses to Card Services Scam

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    I got 2 calls yesterday from salespeople; or at least that is what I assume, cuz we never actually spoke, and neither call resulted in a voicemail.

    Thank goodness for caller ID and for the Web. I just put the number in Google and know in seconds that I am not the only one getting the call, and that it is indeed a sales thing.

    The first one WAS a 954 area code, and it turned out it was some technical school in Colorado. Weird...
  2. James Manning Says:

    I got another phone call on my work number the other day. I went at them for calling me at work so hopefully I will not get anymore sign.
  3. Bullfrog Says:
    I think legally, if you ask not be contacted at a certain number they have to comply. Of course, some are more aggressive than others...
  4. Anonymous Says:
    NEVER press a number when prompted by an unsolicited automated call. You could be transferred to an international connection that charges up to $25 per minute while the scammers keep you on the line running in circles for as long as possible. It's called an 809 scam - google it. By pressing the number you're liable for the charge regardless of whether you know about it or not, so you could be out hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
  5. firebytes Says:
    i fell for this and within 5 minutes got a call from my bank that the "fully refundable fee" had lrft the u.s. emroute to a middle east arab country. international terrorism, good chance!!!!!!!!! the tele number was a 877 number the f.b.i is looking into it.
  6. alisonut Says:
    Everyone who has been bugged by this company file a complaint with the federal Do Not Call Registry. If enough people do it they will have to investigate. They keep calling me after several requests to be removed. Very annoying.
  7. Anonymous Says:
    What is hilarious is that you guys are talking like they should care about a do not call registry or being sued when they are prepare to ***STEAL YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND THEY ILLEGALLY USE YOUR CARD*** These guys are full on illegal criminals and know it. All they understand is a bullet.
  8. Anonymous Says:
    I've been getting these calls since March when I moved and got a new phone number. Every time I ask to be removed from their list, I get hung up on and when I press whatever number they say to press to get removed from their list, they just change numbers and keep calling. I consider this harrassment and wish I could get it to stop. I lost my son Friday and I've been harrassed by them 3 times today alone.
  9. Anonymous Says:
    Okay I got a call the other day from what was obviously a scam, it was the press 1 heather and the number on my caller ID was 407-000-5963 so i took one for the team and gave them a card i was planning on cancelling.

    After listening to what was obviously a scam they charged my account and I traced it...

    Finally, I Found the real company!

    Company that charged me:

    Credit Lynk
    1768 Park Center Dr., Suite 240
    Orlando, Florida 32835

    The Owner's name is Irving and the Manager is Denise

    So when i started digging i realized how much of a scam they were! They have 4 Companies using the same phone number and address

    Universal Lynk
    Resort Lynk
    Realty Lynk
    Rental Lynk
    Credit Lynk

    I checked with the state of florida, the only registered company is Universal Lynk.

    Lets get these Scammers, blow up their phones, faxes, emails, the FL state Attorney General ALL OF IT!!!!
  10. Anonymous Says:
    I actually did business with them and they have help my credit score go up ALOT, I have being able to buy a home as well.
    Thanks Credit Lynk!!
  11. universal lynk Says:
    Hello All I’m the manager for Univesal Lynk and we do not scam , we fix credit and rent timeshare units, i need some one here that is reading this and have a situation with the companies to please contact from 10 to 5 in and ask for ext 232. we are not here to scam anyone we are just here to assist the clients that come in our doors. i am not using any kind of robodialing and i think this guys are using my number to hide their company begin mine and i’m gettin bombarded here by all of you and people calling our office and telling us that they are going to kill us, please if you have a situation with any of these companies call us 407-292-3635. i’m going to have to call the police myself and open a case here we have an extensive clients here in our town and have not to hide from anyone. again if you had a situation with Universal Lynk,Reantal Lynk or Credit Lynk give us a call. Thanks

    Irving says:
    December 11th, 2009 at 12:33 am
    Anon please call me to see if i can hire your private investigators services so we can get this guys and i go back to run my businness like i have been doing before i got to this. 407-292-3635

    Irving says:
    December 11th, 2009 at 12:46 am
    Also People the program works now days its’s so easy to lower you rates from your card all you have to do is call the bank. i know you guys have lots of ideas but no one said yet to call the bank and do it for free, we charge for a job, we do not scam. it will be hard to say that you are getting scammed at the grocery store when the store pays $1.10 for a gallon of milk and sells it for $3.95. its the same people can buy a cow and milk it and it would be free but they don’t same with credit people and banks everyone needs to make money business don’t run on hope. hopefully this helps, because everyone just complaint but talk to yourself and analyze what you do for a living before writing all this bad reports all you doing is getting people fired up. if you call me i’ll tell you how to fix your credit and lower your rates without having to pay a dime. 407-292-3635 ext.232 and if you are coming to Disney we rent timeshare units without having to go to a timeshare tour and usually cheaper than a hotels.
  12. Anonymous Says:
    I received 2 phone calls from 702-520-1473--lady very rude--told me I could not speak to her supervisor and I asked for my name to be removed from their list and she told me "NO" since I was being rude.
  13. Anonymous Says:
    Just received a call from (825) 000-3228, saying they're from Card Services.

    These numbers/calls are irritating and seems like they just keep coming and coming and coming without any means of stopping them. Well, I at least found a way to slow them down.

    By accident I didn’t hang up the phone immediately, and then I realized that they were still on the line wanting me to hang-up. It seems like something within their system doesn’t allow them to hang up the phone. As long as the line is active, they have an opportunity to get info. It’s probably set this way so that the callers must make every effort to obtain the desired info.

    I spent an additional 4-5 minutes and the woman on the line seemed very irritated. Now I know this didn’t help me getting less calls, but it does offer some satisfaction on two accounts. First, I got some pleasure in it, and then it was less time they could spend trying this with others.

    Your caller might be different, or they may have a different system, but I think it's worth a try. Hope all reads this and repeats the process. It might not end their schemes, but it might slow them down.

    Good Luck ! ! !

    PS - Under no circumstances, don't give any information to them!!!!!!!
  14. HBlack Says:
    5/21/2011 -- Got the call from Credit Card Services, it was my last chance. After speaking with them they asked if I had at least $5000 on a card. IF SO GOOD. Then I would quality for help to lower my interest rates. All I needed to do was give them a card number with the most credit available. This would show that I handle my credit in good standing. When I stated "I thought this was a scam and to take my number of their list". First they asked me why I would say this. I responded that everything I am reading right now says so and there are no reports otherwise. At that point they hung up one. LOL
  15. Anonymous Says:
    Fact: do not call list = the best lead generator to date. Keep adding your name to it, and I guess you'll only have yourself to blame for all the phone calls - the ones you waste so much energy picking up and reacting to rather than say, oh I dont know, ignoring? If you press 1 you've already failed for the simple fact that you answered an unrecognized phone number. And if you have lost money because you have willingly provided your personal information over the phone then you should stop and rethink your poor decisions. Quit filling out surveys and talking to strangers or accept your consequences as a direct result of your failure at existing.
  16. Anonymous Says:
    I got a call from card services and this time it was a live call, when I got an answere to my call from a female I launched into such a montain of filthy speech that and hung up. I never had that call again, it must have had an effect since the phone rang again and I inquired "is this the same person"
    sience and hung up. It pained me to use such language to a female but it worked.
  17. Anonymous Says:
    I always fake an accent with these people try to mess with them, yet they keep calling me back
  18. Anonymous Says:
    I would love to get a hold of one of them, it would not be pretty. I asked one of them to stop calling me and the hussy told me no, I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me to shut up. Boy I wanted her badly.
  19. Anonymous Says:
    Same thing happened here too. After I said I was busy and needed to call her back as it would take a while to get my info all together. She says she'll call me back and I said tomorrow would be good. After we hung up I decided maybe I should check the no. she called me on. It wouldn't go through so I checked on the Internet and found tons of posts and warning on this very topic. Be Warned Folks~!!!