This Can't Fly

I am about sick and tired of these airlines. I had a membership with ATA that would allow me to earn a free round trip ticket after 6 trips. The sorry airline decided to stop servicing Chicago when I reach four flights. I then turned to Southwest Airlines and they did a 2fer on me. Not only did they change their price structure that basically wiped out the minimum wage brothers special, they didn’t add any food for the a flight that now cost $100 more than it did this time last year. To make matters worse, they still haven’t fully changed the cattle call seating system. And we don’t have to mention the safety lapses. I tell you, these airlines are pissing on us like a 14 year old girl at an R Kelly summer camp retreat.

I am now a member with American Airlines and my experience with them has not been a very good one. I have yet to leave out of O’hare on time. In fact, I now go to the airport with the belief that I am entering the bowels of hell from which I may never return. The airlines cannot blame high fuel prices for their shoddy customer service.


2 Responses to This Can't Fly

  1. Adama Zuman Says:
    The airlines is a bad business.

    First of all, there are too many of them for an industry with rising costs and declining margins.

    I'm a capitalist but I have to recognize that air transportation is too critical to be left to a bad private sector forced to deal with terrorism and geo-political dependent costs (oil).

    The British and the French have a government backed airlines (Air France and British Airways) and they're doing quite well.

    Why not just reduce the numbers of airlines, subsidize some of their to get better service and a more effective transporation for BUSINESS TRAVELERS?
  2. Rivka Says:
    Just an F.Y.I. There is a new video on Drudge regarding a guy who is Hillary's advisor and used to be heavily involved with Bill Clinton's camp. Hillary and Bill are friends with this guy and have known him since the 1970's.. This video shows this guy saying something racist let alone bashing the people of Indiana and George Stephanopoulos and Carville don't stop him. I hope this gets as much traction as the Obama/WRight thing did. But Hillary will just fire him and say she didn't know. I am sorry but she knew him for over 30 years!