Election Notes - Iowa

The Presidential election is underway in earnest and already many things have come to light. First, I was absolutely wrong about Barak Obama not being ready for prime-time. In fact, he is prime-time and his strong showing in Iowa has eliminated all doubt whether America would elect a non-white President. I firmly believe that she would and Mr. Obama is just the man to lead this seismic shift in American history.

I was also wrong about the death of the influence that evangelicals have on the Republican Party. They are as strong as ever and although Mike Huckabee may not resonate across many other states, there are enough social conservatives willing to hold on to their principles that Huckabee is now a viable candidate to represent the GOP come November.

There isn’t enough time between the Iowa and New Hampshire elections for candidates to audible their strategy. This does not bode well for Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. Both are in a position where New Hampshire becomes a must win situation, more so for Hillary than for Romney. Huckabee must simply make a strong showing then hope he can raise enough funds to compete in the states that are voting on February 5.

Rudy Giuliani has placed his bet on Florida but I think that is not going to go well for him since the GOP stripped Florida of half of its delegates. So, morally it may come as a victory but if Huckabee continues to surge and McCain stays competitive, then Giuliani could find himself out of the race before he ever got in.

Overall, this is going to be a very exciting election cycle and my prediction is that Barak Obama will win the Democrat nomination. I’m still not sure about the Republican nominee. That will become clearer after the February 5 primaries.


3 Responses to Election Notes - Iowa

  1. Bullfrog Says:
    A good analysis James, and I have to say I agree with all except for Guiliani. He is certainly not my candidate, but I see alot of conservatives supporting him in spite of the opinion that his campaign strategy seems a bit doomed at this point. You do see his face alot in the media, so it seems he is letting the MSM do his PR for him.

    As for Obama, I thought his inexperience would never get him this far. I never thought I would say this, but he could go all the way and get the Democratic nomination. I just wish I knew what he was about except "change". What change is he proposing exactly?

    As you said, it is anybody's guess at this point and is exciting to watch!
  2. nosthegametoo Says:
    By the way...

    do you happen to see "THE" Ohio State get stomped and embarass the Big Ten?? What happened to midwestern football?

  3. James Manning Says:

    I don't think there is a definition for change. It is open-ended and one that most people fill in the blank for themselves.


    I had to turn the game off. It sickens me to think how far the Big Ten has fallen.