Death in Vanity

I was surprised when I heard the news that Donda West, mother of rapper, Kanye West died. But when I heard that she may have died due to complications from plastic surgery, I found myself appalled. Any surgery is risky but I don’t think people are fully aware of the risks that go along with plastic surgery. The website, list the following:

• abnormal heart rhythm
• airway obstruction
• blood clots
• brain damage
• death
• heart attack
• malignant hyperthermia
• nerve damage
• stroke
• temporary paralysis

Considering that cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure, I could never see myself volunteering to go under the knife. But I understand that there are people who are really not happy with their bodies. The question I have is:

Would you have cosmetic surgery?
If so, what about your body or looks would you seek to alter?


2 Responses to Death in Vanity

  1. Dee Says:
    I wouldn't say that I would never have it done but I definitely wouldn't do it the way so many people in Hollywood do. It is not something to be treated lightly as I think this case proves.

    It is way down on my priority list but if I ever had the money I would fix 2 things that happened as a result of having 4 babies.
  2. Ebonne Says:
    I would never go under the knife, but at times I think about getting lipo... no matter how much you work out sometimes there are still a little bulge here and there... lipo only consists of them sticking a tube threw your belly button and sucking the fat out...

    If I did have to get anything done, it would be that... but definitely wouldnt have any procedure done that entailed cutting and stitching.