BCS Is Crap

So the BCS standings are out and I am not impressed. I love Big Ten football but Ohio State is not the best college team in the country. In fact, I would place OSU no higher than 4th in the rankings. The BCS is crap and should be done away with. This would be my rankings of the top ten teams in the country.

1. LSU: They lost to a very good Kentucky team that played a flawless game unlike USC that lost to Stanford. Reward Kentucky but I give LSU a pass.

2. California: I still believe this is the best team in a very competitive PAC Ten conference.

3. Oklahoma: They still have to prove something but I think they could be most teams in the country.
4. Ohio State: They are a good team but their schedule is too soft for me to think they are a number one team.

5. South Carolina: The defense is crazy and they’ve shown they that can play with the best.

6. South Florida: If they beat Rutgers and Cincinnati, I will bump them up in the poll.

7. Kentucky: This is a great team and if you take away the loss to South Carolina you could make the case for a higher ranking.

8. Oregon: I like this team and they have the talent to beat anyone in the top 25.

9. Boston College: Haven’t played anyone. I’m a wait and see with this team.

10. West Virginia: I have no feelings regarding this team. They’re ok but probably not much better than the next 7 teams ranked below them.

11. Virginia Tech: See West Virginia.

12. Arizona State: How the BCS got them in the Top Ten I’ll never know. The next two games will show us exactly what’s going on out their in the desert.

13. Thru 25: Who cares? Put any of the next ranked 30 teams in any order from here and a case could be made.


7 Responses to BCS Is Crap

  1. Erica C. Says:
    Are you kidding? Of course South Carolina can play with the best!!

    It's about time you got your blog on again!! **waving from South Carolina**!
  2. nikki Says:
    as long as i never see notre dame in the top twenty-five, i'm happy. i want them to suffer until the next millenium.
  3. woodrow241 Says:
    How do you mention Boston College, West Virginia and the rest as the best teams and you dont mention Florida. You really think half those teams are better than the Gators on a neurtal field. Sure they have two losses but led your #1 team after 3 quarters.
  4. BossMack Says:
    Sup James, How did you feel about AP running all over your Boyz? I wish I could bet you a friendly $5.oo on this ass whipping yall gonna teake from Donvan and them this weekend. Oh as far as tha BCS, Keep ya eye on ASU.
  5. nosthegametoo Says:
    I'm no Ohio State fan at all. I'll be on the look out for a Michigan upset this year at "The" Big House.

    And by the way, what's up with your Bears??
  6. Bob Says:
    You forgot Missouri.
  7. Rivka Says:
    I am back! I have a new link.

    I heard you on Chatter's show, you did a Great job!