Neocons Going Home

I was reading the Vanity Fair article where the Neo-Cons basically stated something about the Bush Administration that many of us has been saying for years… they are incompetent. I certainly don’t agree with the neo-con ideology of spreading democracy but at least the Bush Administration has put that to rest for at least a generation.

Going forward, I’m not impressed with what I’m seeing from Washington. The Iraqi Study Group report is already gathering dust and its members scattering back to their lives after producing what I would have to consider, anticlimactic suggestions.

Bush, meanwhile, is still in denial and now has decided to wait until he’s enjoyed his holiday before presenting to the American people what his plan is for fixing the mess his incompetence created.

One thing that ticked me off in the Vanity Fair article and highlighted the idiocy of Paul Bremmer, was the revelation that instead of building the capacity to produce ice inside of the Green Zone, Bremmer had tons of ice shipped from Kuwait. Imagine that. Our soldier risk their lives to protect convoys, and this bastard decides to ship ice 300 miles across the dessert in convoys that come under insurgency attack.

Now we have Laura Bush is out there blaming the media for her husband’s low poll numbers. As though the fact that Afghanistan falling back into the hands of the Taliban and Iraq being in a Civil War of his creation has nothing to do with it. I won’t dog Laura. It’s not her fault she married a crack head, untreated alcoholic dunce.

I cannot wait until 2008.

The only question I have is:

1. What about the Bush Iraq strategy do you feel is working?


12 Responses to Neocons Going Home

  1. Chelle Says:
    I feel that Bush Iraq strategy is working in one important way:

    Any general, with experience, who retires is telling America how warfare should not be waged.

    Awww, heck, we are learning, teaching, how not initate foreign policy, how to piss off allies, and how to run the worst war in this generation.
  2. woodrow241 Says:
    I agree with you James. This administration is a complete embarrassment and undermine alot of what America has attempted to build in the last 50yrs.
    I disagree about us attempting to spread democracy around the world. That is something that we should continue to do. We just shouldnt do it by initiating wars with leadership hell bent on destruction.
  3. Rell Says:
    something is going right?
  4. Anonymous Says:
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  5. Cynthia Says:
    His policy will never work. How can you spread an idea that is not even working in your own back yard? No where in the constitution does it say that America is a Democracy. This is some nebulous term that means absolutely nothing. America is trying to spread something that it is not and to a people who can't accept it. The whole darn thing is stupid. You really have to wonder who died and gave the U.S. dominion over all.
  6. Outside the Box Says:
    Hey James,

    I'm sure you're busy, but when you've got the time please swing by my blog. I've got a post I'd like your opinion on. For that matter, the post just below it, "Sympathy for the Devil", is another one I'm curious what you might think. Take your time, but I certainly would appreciate your input.
  7. Timmer Says:
    "I won’t dog Laura. It’s not her fault she married a crack head, untreated alcoholic dunce."


    What is with that anonymous post?? It seems that some serious conspiracy theorists have been frequenting your there anything that you are hiding from us Manning??
  8. Rashid Z. Muhammad Says:
    The only part of the Iraq strategy that mattered to begin with is the one that is working quite well: screwing Iraq out of its oil.

    And that anonymous guy has been mucking up a number of blogs, including mine, with his or her copy/pasted rant/shameless advertisement.
  9. James Manning Says:
    I think that guy is out of his mind.
  10. Diane S. Says:
    What About the Bush Strategy Do I Feel Is Working?

    Well, they're still doing a fine job of screwing up the environment to fill the bulging pockets of their buddies.

    And they're doing a mighty fine job of waging war on civil rights and liberties.

    Credit where credit is due, and all that shit.
  11. Dave Miller Says:
  12. JC Shakespeare Says:
    Personally, I think you're being too kind when you refer to the Bush "strategy" . . . in terms of actually accomplishing what we supposedly had in mind, creating a democracy in the Middle East, there never was a strategy. If, however, the strategy was to install permanent bases and eventually take out oil, then I think the strategy is still in play.

    Personally, however, I think we as citizens ought to be creating a vision for a sustainable peace instead of attacking Republicans all the time. I know it's fun and all, but a positive vision will go further in sustaining a better government than simply retaliating against negative attacks.

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    Peace Meme