Are We Ready For A Black President?

CNN conducted a survey to find out if America was ready to elect a black president. The poll results show that 62% of Americans say they would vote for a black president. The caveat is that 42% of blacks say they do not believe America would vote for a black president.

Personally, I don’t think America is ready for a black person or a woman to take the roll of President of the United States. Northern whites have a hard time winning the south… I just don’t see a black person or woman being competitively close.

Colin Powell was once the flavor of the month and now that attention has turned to Barack Obama. We can go back and forth about white folk reaction to a black person running for president. The ultimate bar to cross is the fear that a black president would completely do away with white privilege.

Barack would first have to deal with the black community. There are a myriad of issues he’d have to deal with but two stand out:

1)Most leading black politicians are from the Civil Rights era and are what we consider “protest politicians”. He will have to convince this segment of the Democrat Party that he will take into account some of their issues even if they are not primary issues. This will be hard because blood was shed for empowerment and they wouldn’t be satisfied with low hanging fruit.

2)Electibility: Just because a poll suggest that Americans are ready for a black president doesn’t make it so. Barack would have to convince black voters that a vote for him is not a vote for the Republican candidate. Obama could carry Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Oregon and California. If black people are convinced an Obama/? ticket will be competitive, they will get behind another candidate.

It will be interesting and I think John Edwards might give Obama a run for his money. Personally, I can’t see America electing a black or woman for president.


19 Responses to Are We Ready For A Black President?

  1. Jaimie Says:
    Its funny, especially after we've been watching "Eyes on the Prize", and after slavery, freedom, Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Movement, etc...

    we still don't feel like America would vote for a black man or a woman of any race.
  2. Diane S. Says:
    I think Colin Powell could run for the presidency and win. I don't think the same is true for Barack Obama. Why? Colin Powell had mastered the art of "seeming" white. Barack Obama has not. I'm not calling Powell an Uncle Tom or an Oreo - there's too much heavy baggage with that terminology. I'm just saying that Powell did not frighten White America and Obama does.

    I think the biggest mistake the Democratic party could make right now would be to chose Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as their candidate for the presidency. VP's maybe, but not the primary candidate. We have this election on a silver platter if we don't screw it up. Running Clinton or Obama could lose us the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Sadly, I can't think of anyone I particularly want to run who would have a chance of winning. Someone needs to break out. Someone needs to come in and change the dynamics. Someone needs to restore hope to the American people.
  3. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    I think we are ready for both a black or woman president but it just depends on what they stand for. I wouldn't have any qualms voting for a woman or a black man or woman as long as she shared my beliefs.
  4. Diva (in Demand) Says:
    You made some very interesting comments and this is actually a discussion that I'm sure alot of people are having right now. While I agree that my faith in African Americans to support a black candidate is lacking I think that Barak wouldn't be the most viable candidate to be "the one". I have already heard people question whether he's ready for the position or has the necessary international experience.

    Personally, instead of Edwards giving him a run for his money I would love to see an Edwards/Obama ticket. Then at least EXPERIENCE wouldn't be an issue.
  5. Diane S. Says:

    That's a ticket a could vote for with no qualms. Well done.
  6. stuffle Says:
    I'll have to agree with LMC. I would never vote for Obama, but that as nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his politics.

    Similar situation for HRC.

    OTOH, I would have very few qualms about voting for Condi Rice (and the only potential qualms I would have there would depend on her stance on abortion, which to my knowledge she has never taken a strong stance on one way or the other).
  7. Deb S. Says:
    Just dropping by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  8. Little Miss Chatterbox Says:
    Happy New Year James!!
  9. Roderick Says:
    Diane S.:
    I think Colin Powell could run for the presidency and win. I don't think the same is true for Barack Obama. Why? Colin Powell had mastered the art of "seeming" white. Barack Obama has not. I'm not calling Powell an Uncle Tom or an Oreo - there's too much heavy baggage with that terminology. I'm just saying that Powell did not frighten White America and Obama does.

    Roderick: But who would run Powell, Diane?

    After his debacle at the UN almost four years ago, Powell doesn't have any credibility left with most Independents and Democrats and now that he is criticizing Bush's Iraq policy there is no one on the Hard Right who would back him.

    I agree with you that Powell has mastered the ability not to frighten whites but we found out that wasn't enough when he got death threats in 1996 after he announced that he would run for the Republican nomination.

    As for the main question the only way America would elect a black or a woman for that matter America would have to be in complete political, social and economic chaos and 90% of the white males would have to be dead.
  10. Bullfrog Says:
    I agree with you that folks may say, in the interest of political correctness, that they would vote for a black prez, but never really do it. We are not ready...

    Happy New Year James!
  11. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:
    Sorry the Packers beat your Bears 26 to 7 in what will likely be Favre's last game. Ooooh! Smackdown!

  12. Chelle Says:
    Voting based on gender, race, etc... is just sad.

    I am more interested in Obama's experience and readiness. I'd vote for Obama over Edwards anyday. I don't see any strong candidates in the democratic camp except Obama. Clinton could never win the election based on sheer likeability
  13. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
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  14. The Best [ Ghostface ] Says:
    Yes someday in less than 20 years America will be ready for a black president. We are close to ready now.

    Hope you had a happy new year.

  15. Shay Says:
    I think America is ready I just dont think Barack is. He is a good future candidate. He has not really been tested and he has been a little bit to bipartisan at times. He will definitely need to take a stand on several key issues. That being said I would not want the first Black candidate to run and or win in the next election. The next president will be judged on how well they clean up the mess Bush has made. They will not really be able to push any other agenda's. America will give a Black president a chance but probably not 2 so we need to make sure that the black candidate has a chance at success....
  16. James Manning Says:

    i think barack has to get while the getting is good. there may never be a better chance than right now. besides, what does he have to lose?


    it is so sad how my bears played in the last half of the season. i love them but i can't pick them over the eagles or the saints. so sad. maybe next year.
  17. Cynthia Says:
    I can see Americans electing a woman president as long as she is white. As for Obama, like you, I think his time is now. Even if he doesn't win, I think he should run. If you look at the exit polls and what happened to Harold Ford, the polls may say that Obama has a chance; I don't think this is accurate. When it comes down to it, when white America goes into the privacy of the polling place, I think another story will unfold.

    Although I may vote on Obama, I still think he is too middle of the road for me. And, I don't trust Hillary Clinton at all. I think she is more Conservative than Obama.
  18. Anonymous Says:
    I agree that America is not ready for an African American president. I hate to say it, but we are still dealing with hatred and ignorance in this great country we call the USA! I am so tired of Caucasians thinking that they are better, than any person because of the color of their skin. We say that we are,"One Nation Under God", but I know that God is about tired of his children acting like they are superior over one another! If you do not believe it, search the scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you. Get it together America, because as far as I can see,this country is really falling apart. So, why not give Obama a chance?
  19. JayShwizzle Says:
    Well they just hard a retarded one...