The Draft is Coming! The Draft is Coming!

No, not that draft!

This draft!

That’s right, the NFL draft is upon us and I shall like to commemorate this moment with a walk down memory lane. As many of you know I am a Chicago Bears fan and football fanatic. I truly believe that football is the clearest evidence we have that God truly gave man dominion over the earth. We need to take a moment to thank Him for football along with thanking Him for charcoal grills and steaks.

(crickets chirping)

Ok, back to the gist of today’s post. My beloved Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl in 1986 and have made my life a living hell ever since. For some reason we cannot get it together win it comes to drafting and developing a quarterback. We’ve gotten some great defensive players and some adequate offensive players, but quarterback – we just suck at it.

Here is a list of some of the great defensive players we’ve drafted over the years.

Mark Carrier S USC
Chris Zorich DT Notre Dame
Alonzo Spellman DE Ohio State
Jim Flanigan DT Notre Dame
Tony Parrish DB Washington
Nathan Vasher DB Texas
Lance Briggs LB Arizona
Brian Urlacher LB
Mike Brown DB Nebraska
Rosevelt Colvin DE Purdue
Jerry Azumah DB New Hampshire

That’s some pretty good drafting over the years. On the offensive side of the ball – we’ve basically dropped the ball. A few wide receivers stick out.

1999 Marty Booker WR N.E. Louisiana
1997 Marcus Robinson WR South Carolina
1996 Bobby Engram WR Penn State
1993 Curtis Conway WR USC
1983 Willie Gualt WR Tennessee (was fast but couldn’t catch worth a damn)

We’ve even gotten ourselves a couple of Running Backs.

1965 Gale Sayers RB Kansas
1975 Roland Harper RB Louisiana Tech (He was loved in Chicago)
1975 Walter Payton RB Jackson State (The G.O.A.T.)
1986 Neal Anderson RB Florida
2001 Anthony Thomas RB Michigan

But it is at Quarterback where we have wiped our faces in horse crap. How did it come to pass that a storied franchise cannot draft a decent QB? Oh, some of these guys are serviceable. But that’s not good enough. I want a hall of fame type of QB in Chicago. Is that too much to ask?

Let’s look at these sorry bastards and run down the atrocious record my beloved Bears have accumulated over the years.

Kyle Orton QB Purdue – He is a little soft but he did get the job done as a rookie. But that was only because the Bears had a great defense. Will make a decent backup but he’s not worth much.

Craig Krenzel QB Ohio State – Ok, so he won a national title. The punk can’t connect on a deep out. For an NFL QB, that’s just won’t work. He’ll be selling insurance in a few years.

Rex Grossman QB Florida – The best I’ve seen in a while but that’s not saying much. The first time I saw him I thought to myself, ‘he looks a little soft’. The next thing I see is a stretcher taking him off of the field because he pulled his achelis heel trying to run out of bounds. The next year he gets hurt in pre-season. But he came back and played well, so as long as he doesn’t get hit, he should be ok.

Cade McNown QB UCLA – Let’s look back to the 1999 draft where five quarterbacks were taken in the first round.

1 Cleveland Tim Couch QB Kentucky
2 Philadelphia Donovan McNabb QB Syracuse
3 Cincinnati Akili Smith QB Oregon
11 Minnesota Daunte Culpepper QB Central Florida
12 Chicago Cade McNown QB UCLA

Can you believe that the Bears organization did not want to make a move to get McNabb or Culpepper because they thought that McNown was the guy most ready to play in the NFL? My goodness did he suck to the highest of suckstivity. Someone actually put up a site called Chicago hated that guy and he hated us. I’m so glad that bitch is gone.

The other QB aren’t even worth mentioning. I’m sure most of them got cut from the practice squad. The only decent guy over the years was Jim Harbaugh. He was a good QB but the Bears didn’t know how to develop him.

We did get Vince Evans and who can forget Jim McMahon. We loved those guys and they did what they had to do. But for the most part, my Bears suck at drafting QB’s.

Talk About It

1. What do you think of your favorite team recent draft picks?
2. Who will be a better QB Vince Young or Matt Leinart?
3. A.J. Hawk is my prediction for Rookie of the Year. Who’s yours?
4. What are the Bears chances of reaching the Super Bowl?
5. Should Draft day be a national holiday?

Disclaimer: We apologize to you non-football fans for this post. James really can't help himself sometimes. The blog will be back to bashing Bush some time next week, but for now James is in need of a football fix. But just so you know, he still believe that Bush is a spawn of the devil. Hopefully, that will hold you over for a few more day. - Admin


10 Responses to The Draft is Coming! The Draft is Coming!

  1. Dave Miller Says:
    You hit the nail on the head. The Bears have just been asleep when it has come to quarterbacks. I think their management might have also taken Sam Bowie over Jordon if they were running the Bulls.

    As for Young, he is a great athlete, but in the NFL? Nope. We are learning from Mr. Vick that it really does take more than just raw talent. I am not sure on Leinart, or Bush, but I think Young is doomed.

    James, you are hysterical. The Bears have about as much chance of making the Super bowl as the Los Angeles Rams, who no longer exist! None. Zip. Nada.

    Finally, yes, we should have some sort of celebration attached to it, do it on a Sunday, maybe Memorial Day and make it a huge party.
  2. Stevin Says:
    Draft Day is a holiday for me. I get the day off, don't shower, turn on the ESPN, and sit in front of the TV all day with the beer, the chips, the draft guides, and serious anxiety. The Seahawks are my team, and they've drafted well in the past few years (Lofa Tatupu jerseys are hard to find in WA state, for which my Samoan buddy is supremely proud. I imagine if Rob Rosenbaum were the starting LB for the Hawks, I'd feel a streak of pride, too.)
    Go Seahawks!
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  4. Dave Miller Says:
    james man, you gotta get the code letters back to keep the spammers at bay!
  5. KHALLI 88 Says:
    1.The draft always a crap-shoot for the NY football Giants but hey we did get one of the Manning brothers right damn wish it was Peyton.

    2.Depends on system that drafts either of the QB's both are talented but Matt seems more ready to take over but give him 2 years and I think Vince will be a beast.

    3.AJ a definitely good pick because will be on the field more than some of the others but my money Reggie Bush!

    4.Yeah each and everytime you fire up Madden and take the 1985 Bears other than forget about it!!!

    5.If it were on a Monday, I would call in sick that is how serious the draft is for me :)
  6. James Manning Says:
    Ya know, you jokers have no faith in my White Sox and no faith in my Bears. I must be doing something wrong.
  7. Nika Laqui Says:
    You scared me, I thought the real draft was coming...*lol*
  8. Rell Says:
    I think the Bears take a tight end -- that's one of the few things that they need.

    I'll take Vince, he's Michael Jordan.

    I'm gonna put my money on Vernon Davis -- I saw what he can do first hand, kid is sick.

    I think Dallas' picks have been ok, but offensively we haven't taken a good player in the first round since Mr. Smith
  9. Bushwack Says:
    Ok My team got an RB that might shine, Vince Young is going to have an Impact right away, Leinart is going to take a year to develop into something special.
    Your Bears are going to do well this year barring a catastrophy.
    My Panthers have a few challenges but if Keyshawn and Smith can share the ball a little we are going to the dance baby..... (Hope)
    Anyway good luck on the season James.
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