Bush Is A Mad Man... Period

They never cease to amaze me. Every time I turn on the news these idiots are all over it with their lies and misdirection. You'd think the writers of 24 work for this administation. Here's the issue. This week...

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The Armageddon Blowout Sale!!!

Hi, I’m George W. Bush, CEO of the The Bushie Retail Cartel. This company had lost its direction but I changed all of that. I ushered in an era of preemptive retail blowouts after a successful hostile takeover of the Iraqi Genocidal Group and then I threw an “Iraqi Clearance Sale”. This preemptive hostile takeover, sponsored by the China Deficit Funds, removed over 30,000 Iraqi Sand Dolls from our global inventory.

Now, after the success of selling the American people a bill of goods at the "Iraq Clearance Sale", I’m raising the stakes and I am now ready to have the sale to end all sales. That’s right, "The Armageddon Blowout Sale". This sale will take place in our Iranian facility. You’ve never seen a preemptive sale like this.

We’re dropping pricing like nuclear bombs. We’re going to incinerate our entire inventory of Iranian Towel Heads. We’re giving you the chance to save Moola… after we’re finished with them of course. This messianic move is coming soon (it has to happen before I leave office) so get your nuclear fallout shopping bags now because when this sale is over...


The Bushie Retail Cartel is a subsidiary of the Murderous Republicana Reich. Currently no sales date has been set, but look for our fear mongering, war zealot propaganda campaign at a Fox News affiliate near you.


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This past week has confirmed what I’ve known for a long time… Bush is out of his freakin’ mind. How the hell does Bush justify selectively declassify the NIA with only Bush, Cheney and Libby knowing it? And why would Libby leak the information anonymously?

But this bit with Iran is killing me. First, I really don’t think anyone other than Bush and his fundamentalist fanatic followers would ever consider using nuclear weapons on a country to prevent said country from getting nuclear weapons. And only Bush and his fundamentalist fanatic followers who are obsessed with the end-time would think that by nuking a country you could bring about regime change.

There are only a few possible reasons folks on the right still support this cat:

1. The Left Behind series has drove the right over the cliff and they are waiting for Bush to bring about Armageddon.
2. They actually believe that Bush is the Messiah.
3. They've been had. They've been took. They've been hoodwinked, bamboozled led astray, run amok. They didn't land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on them.

But here is my truth: We have a man who is a religious wacko, is intellectually challenged and is an untreated alchoholic controlling the largest nuclear arsenal in the world!!!

Topic of Discussion:

1. Why I should not think Bush is on leave of his senses?
2. Even if we don’t nuke ‘em, what happens the day after we bomb Iran?
3. With all of our military might, should preemptive nuclear strikes even be an option?
4. What is your opinion of this administration?


8 Responses to Bush Is A Mad Man... Period

  1. Outside the Box Says:
    1. Why I should not think Bush is on leave of his senses?

    I'll be surprised if you haven't seen it already, but if not you really need to check out a video clip at ifilm.com called George Bush: The Ten Year Difference. It's quite interesting to say the least. You can find it under their political section.

    2. Even if we don't nuke 'em, what happens the day after we bomb Iran?

    I dunno. All I do know is that my ass had better not get drafted.

    3. With all of our military might, should preemptive nuclear strikes even be an option?

    I know this isn't an answer to your question, but you reminded me of the difference between "pre-emptive" and "preventive". I always found it amusing that Bush and co. were ranting about "pre-emptive" strikes. Even is Saddam had actually had WMDs, he was no where near being able to launch them towards us. So that makes our attack preventive. Of course, pre-emptive sounds so much better.

    4. What is your opinion of this administration?

    You and I are pretty much in agreement about the administration. I think you'll like this article.
  2. James Manning Says:
    Neddo, I haven't seen it but I will now. Thanks for the link.
  3. James Manning Says:
    ok saw the video. so maybe the guy is suffering from cognitive dementia. but that just makes it even worse - because he is still in command of the most powerful military in the world.
  4. bold as love Says:

    1. Why I should not think Bush is on leave of his senses? Just take a look at the Democratic leadership- they make him look like he is a rocket scientist.

    2. Even if we don’t nuke ‘em, what happens the day after we bomb Iran?
    We step back and determine if we need to bomb them again. Oh, and we keep bombing them until they are no longer a threat.

    3. With all of our military might, should preemptive nuclear strikes even be an option? Yes, never rule out this option, keeps your opponent honest.

    4. What is your opinion of this administration? I agree with the tax cuts and the war on terror- I hate the democratic-like spending that Bush and the rest of the Republicans are doing.
  5. Roderick Says:
    James you are too funny. Are you a stand-up comedian in your spare time?

    I don't know what brand of 'Jesus crack' Bush has been smoking but someone needs to rush him to rehab asap. Maybe Marion Berry can lead an intervention.

    OT, I guess heard that Bush lied again during the run up to the Iraq War.

    Do you remember that Bush claimed that some trailers in Iraq were used as biolabs? Well it turns out that Bush knew he was lying when he made the statement. Surprise, surprise!!

  6. Diane S. Says:
    I read of Bush's ambitions for a surgical nuclear strike against Iran first thing Sunday morning. What a way to start a day.

    The man never had senses to take leave of.

    If we are to enact a pre-emptive nuclear strike (by a man who cannot even pronounce nuclear), we will be completely deserving of the global outrage that will ensue. It should never be an option, and I expect using it as an option will lead to military action against us by the global community. One should mention here that we are too indebted and have our military too stretched to be able to launch any meaningful defense should such an event occur.

    I think this administration is possessed of unbridled power hunger, that Bush has a Messiah complex which borders on the psychotic, that the continuation of this idiot's policies could well lead to our ruin as an nation, that Bush is either evil incarnate (e.g. he does not care about what he's doing to us), or is mentally ill (e.g. he does not understand what he is doing to us).

    But the most frightening thing to me James is that my understanding of the Bush Administration's interpretation of the War Powers Act is that it enables the President to take unlimited military action in the War Against Terrorism (a war which could conceivably last generations), and not just in the War in Iraq. This being the case, Bush will not find it necessary to seek the advice and consent of congress before launching a nuclear or conventional strike against Iran. Neither will he be guided by public sentiment or lack of support for his actins. In other words, our country is literally held hostage by this guy. And that, James, scares the &%!@* out of me.
  7. Roderick Says:
    1. Why I should not think Bush is on leave of his senses?

    I think all of the booze and coke rotten his brain a long time ago.

    2. Even if we don’t nuke ‘em, what happens the day after we bomb Iran?

    Iran could try to blockade the Straits of Hormuz through which 40% of the global oil and natural gas traffic passes on a daily basis. Sabotage of oil export facilities in western Gulf states. Iran would encourage Hezbollah to strike targets in northern Israel.


    All I can say is invest in a good pair of tennis shoes and a mountain bike.

    3. With all of our military might, should preemptive nuclear strikes even be an option?

    Hell no. We should only use conventional weapons if an only if we have been overtly threaten and we have evidence that the country can carry out said threat.

    4. What is your opinion of this administration?

    I don't have time to write a 10,000 word essay, James. LOL
  8. Anonymous Says:
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