Bush's Lame Duck Status Now Secure

There is a deal on Dubai taking over six American ports. Yesterday the House Republicans voted in committee to block the deal. This morning Bush met with top Republicans in Congress and was told there was no way to stop the freight train that was heading his way.

Well, soon after that meeting Bush changed his tone on the veto and the deal was announced. Thus, securing Bush to Lame Duck from here on out. He has no more pull in his party and I think the Republicans have finally tossed that little monkey off their backs.

The truth, the politics of the port deal is way more interesting than the technicalities of it. I’m kind of walked down the middle on it, being against it only because Bush supported it… as I don’t trust his judgment and I continue to hold out that forthcoming evidence will show that he is indeed the spawn of the devil. (Sorry, Robo… sometimes I can’t help myself)

Now we’re going to see which Republican fall in line with their conservative principles as many have abandoned them in support of Bush who is at best a Conservative on the fringes.
There you have it. Bush’s party has finally left the nest and we have only to wait until November to enjoy the political carnage that will undoubting entertain those of us who enjoy a Congressional bloodbath.


10 Responses to Bush's Lame Duck Status Now Secure

  1. Id it is Says:
    I can't help but quote a friend who made a very interesting observation on my blog about the 'port' deal, and how it is perceived primarily because Bush backs it.

    "It is saddening to see that everyone thinks the notion of selling ports to a UAE company is a folly just because George W. Bush did it. It would have been received far more warmly had the spin been the following:

    "In the past few weeks, President Clinton has been consulting a certain company owned by the UAE that is interested in purchasing ports in the United States."

    Unfortunately for all the people who indiscriminately criticize anything George W. Bush does, the above sentence is not a fiction, it is the truth! President Clinton has, in fact, been advising the company from the UAE as to how best to acquire the ports.

    While Bush has made many poor decisions in the past 6 years, this is not one of them. Sadly, due to his track record, this decision is being called a bad one as well. But, if Scandinavian companies (many of which, I imagine, are partly state-owned as a result of the socialistic government in place there) can own ports within the United States, what is wrong with a company owned by the UAE doing the same? Just because the UAE is a country is from the Middle East, we feel they are somehow less fit to own commercial properties within the United States? Since when did we begin discriminating based on racial origin (again)?

    If we think this issue through carefully, a lot of us will realize that the stance we are taking reeks of racial profiling on the grandest scale. George W. Bush's endorsement of a group should not immediately condemn it in our eyes."

  2. James Manning Says:
    Well said Id and I've heard that argument many times over. The fact is that this was a bad political move on Bush's part and he is catching grief because of it... and for that I am grateful. As for the technicalities of the deal, I think we have every right for concerns considering that the UAE has supported nuclear proliferation and the Taliban - I'm sure for them it was political expedience more so than a philosophy that caused them to do so.

    I'm not going to sweat it one way or the other. I'm just glad that it slapped Bush is the face. It's a beautiful in Leftville.
  3. Diane S. Says:
    I don't know James. He's gotten the congressional G.O.P. to secure him a walk on the FISA infringements on domestic surveillance. Is that a sign that he still has some pull? Or merely that Congressional Republicans do NOT want impeachment hearings during an election year?
  4. James Manning Says:
    Diane, I don't even think about impeachment. What is necessary is an increase in Democrats in the House and Senate. Just today Republicans signed a new Contract with America. A political ploy that has irony written all over it. They are afraid and today's event just further shows their troubles. Democrats better get on the ball because they have a gift and if they do thing right, they'll take Congress and toss the Lame Duck in the oven and wait for 2008.

    Best believe that Republicans are going to run way to the right considering Bush pulled a fast one on them.
  5. Robosquirrel Says:
    I begrudingly may slighty agree with your analysis. Not that I didn't necessarily disagree with it before. I expected somebody to cave. See what happens when the opinion really is in the majority?

    I'm just disgusted and too busy for much more than that at the moment.
  6. Amusing Says:
    It's funny to see people make excuses for Bush, even when they don't agree with him.

    And let's get this straight, when the Dems are correct on security, they're still incorrect. What, just because Talk Radio and Fox News says so??

    People have shown their shameful blindness during this whole episode.

    I agree with Congress.
  7. bold as love Says:
    Kind of wishful thinking isn't it- Sort of like the house cleaning predicted of the last presidential election- oops, didn't Bush slam dunk that one?

    James we do not agree with Bush on the Ports deal, but the Democrats are still the same America hating, high taxing, communist they have always been for the last 30 years- The Republicans will loose a few but end up hold control.
  8. Amusing Says:
    Exactly my point.

    They honestly can't help it.
  9. James Manning Says:
    LOL @ Bold... ok, if that's what you think. It's cool with me.
  10. Anonymous Says:
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