Let's Talk A Little Football

(Chicago) vs. Tampa Bay
Ok, the Bears won another one and they did it with their defense. I think the past two weeks have proven that the Bears are ready for prime time. Alex Brown dominated the defensive line and the offense did what it had to do. I would still like the offense to get more agressive but as long as they can continue to keep teams under 10 points then I'm ok.

(Cincinnati) vs. Baltimore
In the last two weeks the Bengals have scored more than 70 points. I think we can conclude that Marvin Lewis has built a winning program in Cincinnati. Next week they will go against the big boys on the block in the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm going to with the Steelers but it will be interesting to see.

(Carolina) vs. Buffalo
Yeah, Carolina won but the past two weeks have exposed them. At one point they were looking like the team to beat in the NFC and now that team looks like Seattle. I think the Bears can be put in the class of team to beat as well. Take away Steve Smith and the Panthers offense looks tired. Why they can't run the ball is beyond me.

49ers vs. (Tennessee)
It didn't look good for the Titans early on but then the 49ers did what the 49ers do - committ penalties, poor execution and eventually lose the game. I didn't have much interest in the game. It's a throw away.

New England vs. (Kansas City)
Trent Green had a hell of a game. I sat him on the bench in my fantasy team hoping that Matt Hasselbeck will deliver for me. Tom Brady looked good and the Cheifs looked as though they would try to give the game away. But Tom Brady was intercepted and that put an end to the run. I still don't like the Cheifs to do anything in the playoffs.

There are some games still going on and it looks as though the Chargers and Redskins are going to go into OT. So, lets take a look at the picks so far.

UPDATE: 5:30pm

Seattle vs. (Giants)
I really lucked out in this game. The Seahawks did everything they could to give to give this game away. I feel kind of sorry for Feely. He had three chances to win the game and blew them all. I'm glad I picked up Jurevicius for my fantasy team. That's an added boost since I didn't realize that Mark Bulger wasn't playing today. I think the Bears can take Seattle.

Green Bay vs. (Philadelphia)
I didn't even turn to this game. Who cares?

(San Diego) vs. Washington
These two teams have been winning and losing games like this all year. Finally, the Chargers were able to pull one out in the end. They haven't looked good for a couple of weeks but the fantasy points were in full effect mode since I have Tomilson and Portis on my team.

Miami vs. (Oakland)
Outside of fantasy points, does anyone really care about this game. Two teams doing nothing and going nowhere. Boo.

Houston vs. (St. Louis)
I suspect that Houston will upset someone this year but I wasn't looking forward to it being this week. They really play good for about three quarters then they fall apart. St. Louis is an explosive team no matter who is coaching or at the quarterback helm. Too bad they aren't going anywhere this year. They are still an exciting team to watch.

Cleveland vs. (Minnesota)
Another game of little interest to me. Although, I should think about picking up Brad Johnson for my fantasy team.

(Jacksonville) vs. Arizona
Why does Arizona even bother to show up for the games? They could just mail in the loss and save themselves the travel time. I like Dennis Green but the only good thing in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. And it's really too bad that Arizona's defensive line is as wide open as their most famous tourist attraction.

James: 10-4
Dell: 8-6
Rell: 11-3
Nikki: 11-3
BossMack: 9-5
Kerri: 11-3
Dan - E: 10-4


10 Responses to Let's Talk A Little Football

  1. Malik Says:
    A.J. Feely can now officially change his name to "Goat". Three missed game winners in a ROW. Sucks to be him on the flight home.
  2. Jack's Shack Says:
    I am a Raiders fan. Nothing like a season dedicated to masochistic fantasies.

    I hate KC, but I dislike the Pats mroe.
  3. kerri Says:
    you know... as soon as our fabulous qb, chris simms, fumbled on the 1 i knew that was going to be the difference in the game.

    oh well, i still got my pick 'em right! lol
  4. nikki Says:
    chicago is one of those teams you wanna yell at. on the one hand, you wanna be like "HEY! GET SOME OFFENSE, DAMNIT!" then you think back to baltimore and trent dilfer and you realize that as long as chicago has a decent running back and a quarterback who doesn't make crucial mistakes ala brett favre, they might be aiight.

    then again, chicago has only played one team with an offense in the top ten, only two in the top fifteen, only three in the top twenty. (starting to see the picture here?)

    oh, and they lost to cincy (ranked 3)

    in fact, all the talk about how they beat carolina and the fact of the matter is that carolina's offense is ranked lower than NEW ORLEANS.

    in other words, their defense might be getting just a little more credit than it deserves. if the playoffs started today, they'd potentially be up against offenses ranked 1 (seattle), 8 (ny giants), and 13 (dallas).

    until i see them stop an explosive offense, and in particular, an offense like seattle that does both running and passing well, i'm not jumping on that chicago bandwagon.
  5. James Manning Says:
    Nikki, you are correct. They had a hard time with Cincinnati and I think they should get it in their minds that come playoff time, the offense will have to score at least 10 points on its own. I don't think they could hold Seattle under 17 points so that means the Bears will have to move the ball.

    But if they can create some turnovers, they have a shot.
  6. nikki Says:
    i also think cincinnati is hyped, too. i really, REALLY want marvin lewis to get his reward, especially after how tampa gave him the dis when they had him thinking he had the job, only to give it to gruden. that was just wrong.

    his offense is on point, but his defense is still suspect. let let baltimore score 29 points against them! BALTIMORE. much of that might have been garbage time points, but really, you don't let an offense like baltimore score, if only to send a message. cincinnati has already lost to pittsburg, so hopefully they learned from the last game and can pull this one out.

    carolina are pretenders...

    tennessee...*sigh*...mcnair's gonna retire without a super bowl ring. damn.

    kc...i've got lj on one of my fantasy league teams and he has been coming through for me like a TROOPER. he's getting me at least twenty points a game. that said, them beating new england wasn't a biggie. new england is on the downslide.

    giants...feely used to kick for the falcons and then he was cut. that should have let folk know he didn't have the goods. oh well, i'm looking at nfl.com now to see if he's been cut yet...LOL

    man, i forgot all about that green bay-philly game.

    also gotta mention that qb for st. louis. bulger might mess around and not have a starting position when he returns from injury. if the third string guy goes again next week and does well, there might be a bonafide quarterback controversy in st. louis. they don't have anything to lose...they're already out of the playoff hunt.

    i'm also thinking about picking up brad johnson for one of my teams, although i've already got brunell and collins (both totally inconsistent)

    and denny green has always had bad defenses. it was the same for him in minnesota. explosive offense...sucky defense...you would think denny would know by now he should bring in a defensive coordinator who actually knows what he's talking about. i really don't get it.
  7. Dell Gines Says:
    Well, taking chances doesn't pay off!
  8. James Manning Says:
    @ Dell,

    Not this time a year it doesn't.

    @ Nikki,

    I wouldn't look at what Baltimore did as to how good Cincinnati's defense is. they do need a better defense but I think it is good enough to get them at least one win in the playoffs.

    I'm not sure what happened to feely, but I think he should start looking for another team next years.

    It has to be the system that St. Louis runs. I can't see this new cat being any good. We'll see.
  9. Dan-E Says:
    i'm so close to no longer being a niners fan. at least we'll have an early draft pick :(

    everyone on rams? you go to hell. you can go straight to hell.

    i'm *not* bitter.
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