Just Thinking of Sunsets

This past weekend my girlfriend and I drove up to Oxnard, California for a short getaway. There was nothing special about the place but it was nice to get away from Los Angeles, even if it was just for an evening. Around dusk I went out on the patio and took some time to look at the sunset. It's funny, now that I'm in California, I could go to the beach and watch the sunset, but I never do. So, I took the opportunity to watch the sun go down and it was rather relaxing.

On the way back we drove south on PCH and it was a great drive. If you ever have the opportunity to drive up the coast of California, do so. It is well worth the extra time.

By the way, Malibu is all of that and a bag of chips. Ok, that's it folks. Just wanted to put that out there. Enjoy.

Me taking a picture of myself


3 Responses to Just Thinking of Sunsets

  1. bold as love Says:
    Peace onthat,
    I visit the San Diego area every year- do I know anyone there-no, I just love the area from San Diego up to Oceanside- Have thought about relocating there in the future but naw... Cali has too many jacked up rules for me to live by, also the real estate values in the San Diego area is astronomical- But So. Cali is one of the top 5 places I like to visit yearly. As Far as La is concerned- you can keep it.
    take care
  2. James Manning Says:
    I felt the same way LA before I got here but it is cool. You need to take the drive from LA to Oxnard it is nice. With my next trip, I'm going all the way to Santa Barbara... going to check wine country.
  3. Cynthia Says:
    We're planning on a road trip next year and we will drive north on 94 and then head on down the coast. Can't wait...