Just For Laughs

My girlfriend and I went to see Capote in Culver City this past weekend. It is a very good movies and I highly recommend it. Maybe I'll do a review of it. However, on the way home we passed by the Sony Studio and there were a lot of people standing around and limousines parked out front. There were also some cats holding signs, I don't recall what the said, but it was probably promotions for a rapper or cell phone. Anyway, I didn't think anything of it and we were on our way to the house to relax before meeting her parents for dinner.

Well, today I find out that those people were there for the shooting of the Vibe Award. Had I known, I probably would have stuck around to get a glimpse of some celebrities. I've been in Los Angeles for six months and the only person I've seen is Countess Vaughn at an ATM in Culver City. I like her, but she's not Halle Berry. But I digress.

Seeing that I missed my opportunity to see some stars in person, I decided to go to GettyImages to view the photos. Well, wouldn't you know I'd find at least one picture that would crack me the hell up.

Yes, that is DJ Quick with a perm. LOL. I thought his career ended in '93. I know that hairstyle did. Ok, I just wanted to take ya'll minds off all the political/racial/terrorist crap that is going on in the world and make you feel good about the fact that there is at least ONE person in the world that has a worse hairdo than yourself.


2 Responses to Just For Laughs

  1. Cynthia Says:
    LOL! Reminds me of Sharton
  2. bold as love Says:
    Naw, cynthia, The Rev. Al has a process. The difference is a process comes with a attitude, a perm doesn't-lol