Hot Ghetto Mess 2.0

It seems as though my blog gets a lot of hits because of this post. So, I'm going to add to it for those of you that missed the Hot Ghetto Mess 1.o.

I've talked about this picture before but I must do it again. This is a classic case of what is wrong with the metro-sexual phenomenon. Now, every redblooded American man that views this picture will agree with me on this: this man should be struck by lightening and his sould cast into the bowels of hell for all eternity. It's not so bad that he purchased this swim suit, it the fact that he had the audacity to wear it out in public and then go on to commit another abomination by taking a picture while wearing this monstrosity. I commend the sales woman that convinced this fool that he'd actually look good in the fashion atrocity.

Ok. Let's just go ahead and get this part out of the way. Certain bodies are capable of pulling off certain... fashionable attire. At some point during the day, she had to have come across a mirror, a dark glass or a storefront window. At that point she should have asked herself something: 'Does this look right on me?' Had she been truthful with herself, she would have turned around, went home and put some clothes on. But she didn't and now she will forever reside in cyber space connected to this hot mess.

Is that Busta Rhymes little brother? I won't clown them too hard. They make a cute couple, even if the wardrobe selection is suspect. I guess being young leaves you vulnerable to thinking something is good looking when it isn't. Did traditional Prom gear go out of style while I wasn't looking? I know it's been, well.... um, a long time since my Prom. But have kids completely stopped wearing tuxedoes and evening gowns to Prom?

Evidence as to why you should not let your daughter grow up watching BET.


17 Responses to Hot Ghetto Mess 2.0

  1. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden Says:
    11 10 05

    Damn that is so funny! LMBAO!
  2. DCS Says:
    You know what, James? I am going to have to stay the heck off your site if I'm going to get anything done! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. James Manning Says:
    Glad you enjoy it DCS. Just giving ya'll a breath of fresh air.
  4. kerri Says:
    the first dude, man. that has to be a homemade contraption. looks like he put on a lime green speedo and then pulled the sides up over his shoulders. this pic makes me cringe everytime i see it.
  5. stuffle Says:
    this man should be struck by lightening and his soul cast into the bowels of hell for all eternity

    Amen to that...

    I see women like the one in the second pick all to often. There are a couple of chubby young women in their early 20's that show up at church whenever they are home from school. They have a thing for tight jeans and tight belly exposing shirts. It makes them look horrible...
  6. Jaimie Says:
    I need to get that green bathing suit...
  7. James Manning Says:
    @ jaimie,

    Only if you wear it in the crib.
  8. Anonymous Says:
    ewwwwwwww i bet that guy in the lime green's bathing suit is a thong!
  9. Malik Says:
    this man should be struck by lightening and his soul cast into the bowels of hell for all eternity

    I'm pretty sure he emerged from the bowels of hell. If that isn't distilled evil, I don't know what is. My soul hurts.
  10. bold as love Says:
    Peace on That,
    I've seen that pic before and I don't appreciate you showing it to me again-lol Really check this out-there is a huge thriving gay community in Rio, while hanging out on the beach doing my thang- saw some shit like that,(I'll have to write about my first experience on a nude beach sometime), and worse, but the lovely ladies of Rio helped me get over it. And to Kendra- yeah, it's a got dang thong.
  11. Avery Says:
    naw, son. that cat ain't metrosexual. metrosexuals is straight. check the other pics in that series, or if you remember 'em in some kinda order. he bats from the other side of the plate.
  12. Shirazi Says:
    Where the hell our sciety is heading to. I see dangers at the end of the road. Do you?
  13. jazzy jas Says:
    what in the h*ll. Every last one of them need their a** slapped.
  14. Anonymous Says:
    There is a site better than Hot Ghetto Mess. It's called Bamma Phi Bamma. Just like a fraternity. It's hilarious. They're different but just as funny as Hot Ghetto Mess
  15. Anonymous Says:
    May Almighty God have mercy on America! We really have it coming!
  16. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:
    im still laughing at it
  17. M.Dot. Says:
    He love, thank you for the "reader" link.

    The MMM needs all the help it can get.